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Fritzl and the security services

Josef Fritzl has got a lawyer (Defense Lawyer Rudolf Mayer: 'My Job Is to Show Josef Fritzl as a ...)

Reportedly Fritzl has been in jail in the past.

"In 1967, Fritzl tried to rape a 21-year-old girl in a forest near Linz.

"A month later he raped a 24-year-old nurse, and he was sentenced only to five years in prison, the minimum accepted by the Austrian law.

"Meanwhile, a woman appeared and testified that in 1960 Fritzl burst into her flat and tried to rape her." - Cached

The authorities seem to have been blind to Fritzl's activities. (Officals approved Fritzl dungeon in 1983

In the case of Marc Dutrox it was reported that the police helped in his kidnappings. (Dutroux claims police helped in teens' kidnap - Times Online / Dutroux says he abducted girls with police help - Europe, News ...)

In the Dutroux case there was a suspicion that the security services were using Dutroux's girls for the purposes of blackmailing top people. ( aangirfan: BELGIUM - DUTROUX - Was Dutroux working for the ... )

Several security services take an interest in Austria. (Mossad spied on far-right Austrian - Times Online / Cached )

The protection of child abuse networks by the authorities is, reportedly, a world-wide problem.

From Indymedia, we learn about the alleged Protection of paedophile networks (

"The accusations against a day care centre of Mornington, with the abuse against at least 19 young children, is totally neglected by the Victoria police. Neither the parents, nor the victims are heard even once by the police [14].

"In 2002, the complaint against a media mogul from Melbourne, who repeatedly raped a 3 year old boy – an abuse that was confirmed by the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Gatehouse Centre – is dropped merely two days later [15].

"In March 2004, a paedophile victim’s charge against a known TV-personality is dismissed later in the year by the Victoria police [16].

"A paedophile teacher in Melbourne still teaches in high school. He was never interrogated let alone punished [17].

"The cover up of the Australian paedophile network is directly maintained by complicity of the security services. Several victims on some occasions even testity on sexual abuse by police officers themselves.

"In a letter dated April 2004 to the CSAPP, a woman testifies how high-ranking police officers in Victoria took advantage of the local child prostitution ring. This woman was later intimidated by police patrols and feared she would be ‘suicided’. Dr. Michelson herself isn’t spared either: she was burglarized, her family was threatened and she herself is the subject of harassment on a continuing basis" [18][19][20].

aangirfan: Josef Fritzl and Dutroux


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