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Fieldhouse, Nasrallah, Posada, Achile Lauro, Williamson...

1. Lockerbie and Dr Fieldhouse

"Back in 1988, Dr. David Fieldhouse was a police surgeon ... On Dec. 21, Fieldhouse heard about the crash of Pan Am 103.

"'I confirmed death in the case of many bodies including one that I afterwards learned was that of McKee.

(Major Charles McKee - an American intelligence operative returning from Lebanon, reportedly with evidence of CIA drug smuggling).

"'I knew that the identification of McKee was absolutely correct because of the clothing which correlated closely with the other reports and statements, and the computers that were linked up to Washington,
' he concluded...

"In the early weeks of 1989, Fieldhouse studied the records held on the computers in the Academy (Investigation Headquarters) at Lockerbie.

"He noted that none of the codes (DCF 1 to 58) he had given to bodies was recorded on the computers. He was amazed that all except two of his labels had all been thrown away and replaced with others...

"Fieldhouse was summoned to a meeting with two senior West Yorkshire police officers at Wakefield. Without explanation, he was sacked as police surgeon with a three-month notice." - Lockerbie: The Doctor's Strange Story

Photo of Nasrallah by humbleslave

2. Mossad and Nasrallah and Carnaby

According to Wayne Madsen, "Israel's Mossad planned an April 25 assassination ... of Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

"Because the assassination would have triggered the 'perfect storm' for the outbreak of war in Lebanon, with the involvement of Israel, the United States, Syria, and Iran, an official in Olmert's office leaked the assassination plan.

"When it became apparent that there was a leak, Mossad scuttled the entire operation. The plan was immediately known by the CIA and Hezbollah.

"It is known that retired CIA officer and contractor Roland Carnaby, a Lebanese-American, had close contact with all of Lebanon's various factions. On April 29, four days after the planned assassination of Nasrallah by Mossad, Carnaby was killed in broad daylight by Houston police.

"WMR previously reported that Carnaby had successfully penetrated a Mossad ring active in the Houston area. It is clear that Israel would not have carried out the Nasrallah assassination without the knowledge and approval of the neocon cell operating from Vice President Dick Cheney's office and extending to elements of the U.S. Air Force, CIA, and other federal agencies." - May 6, 2008 -- The Middle East firestorm was to have started on ...

Posada at Ford Benning, Georgia 1962

3. Posada

"The U.S. government has never given Venezuela a formal answer to its 3-year-old request for extradition of Posada, despite a treaty providing for such cooperation that has been in effect since 1922, the ambassador said.

"Posada, a naturalized Venezuelan citizen, is alleged to have masterminded the bombing of a Cuban airliner in 1976 on which all 73 on board were killed, including a youth fencing team returning from a tournament in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. He is also suspected of plotting a series of hotel bombings in Havana in the late 1990s, one of which killed an Italian tourist...

"Analysts speculate that the U.S. government has dodged calls for prosecution of Posada for fear he would disclose details of CIA involvement in coups, assassination plots and scandals, including the Iran-Contra Affair." - Luis Posada Carriles, a terror suspect abroad, enjoys a 'coming out' in Miami.

Achille Lauro

4. Achille Lauro and USS Cole

"The hi-jacking of the Italian cruise ship
the Achille Lauro
by 'Palestinian terrorists' was later reliably reported by former IDF arms dealer Ari Ben-Menashe in his 1992 book, Profits of War: Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network, to have been ordered and funded by Mossad." - The USS Cole bombing against the backdrop of Israeli "Black Operations.

Khomeini with and without beard

5. Ayatollah Khomeini

"Khomeini's real father,William Richard Williamson, was born in Bristol, England, in 1872 of British parents and lineage." - Anti-Mullah: Who is the Ayatollah Khomeini?

"The journalist asked col. Archibald H.T chisholm whether Ayatollah Khomini is the son of Haji Abdullah Fadhil Williamson. Archibald H.T Chisholm responded as follows : 'I knew Haji well ; he worked for me. He certainly went native but whether he is Khominis father I could not say''' - comment on The Shah of Iran was toppled by the CIA and MI6?

6. Iraqis allege sex abuse at the British Embassy


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