Saturday, May 24, 2008


"As Mubarak spoke, the seats of the American delegation remained empty. Laura Bush's seat, next to that of Mubarak's wife, also remained unoccupied... Mubarak deliberately left the Forum's main hall after delivering his speech and did not wait to hear Bush's address." - Mubarak snubs Bush at World Economic Forum

aangirfan: Will the CIA topple Egypt's Mubarak?

Royal in blackmail plot outed .

Meet Mr and Mrs Linley, also known as the Glumleys Why is Lord Linley so miserable when his business is bankrolled by a Russian oligarch?

Hillary apologises for assassination gaffe

"From the naval base of the US Fifth Fleet in Bahrain to the command and control centre in Kuwait, to air bases in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman, and prospective troop pre-positioning in Iraq, the US now commands the most destructive firepower in history...

"Iran has been marked as the region's rogue state because it is challenging Israel's military and political supremacy - a role that Egypt used to play before it withdrew from the Arab-Israeli confrontation and signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979...

"US-Israeli strategists could find no better way of foiling the rising Islamic movement than to fight Islam with Islam, fanning the flames of a Shia- Sunni conflict..." - A reincarnation of the Baghdad Pact

"History has showed that when a leader is facing defeat at the polls a bit of a foray into killing innocent people never goes amiss." - Will Iran be Gordon's Falklands?

100 arrested in Indonesia over fuel hike protest: police


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