Wednesday, May 07, 2008


1. Save the Children is working in all the worst hit areas of BURMA.

It is distributing food and items including plastic sheeting to those hit hardest by the disaster. It is seeking donations to its general fund :

2. "A pair of Minnesota charities, one called Kids Against Hunger and another Feed My Starving Children, sent 70 million meals overseas last year, but in recent weeks have found themselves at the eye of an unfolding global storm over food. Prices are up, costs have skyrocketed, and without more funding they'll cut back just as the need for food aid mushrooms." - Rising food prices starve charities

3. Video from EveryChild:

4. "The NSPCC was lambasted in the media ... when its annual report revealed it spent £20m of its £75m expenditure on 'public education' and campaigning, rather than direct services." - Help for charities battered by lack of transparency accusations ...

5. "Sting's wife Trudie Styler has defended the rocker's rainforest charity, after it was accused of hoarding money raised at a 2006 concert.Newspaper reports claimed only 41% of the funds raised at a starstudded concert at New York's Carnegie Hall were spent on saving trees." - Sting and Styler defend rainforest charity

6. "The biggest charities are consolidating their position and continuing to dominate donor income. Top ranked is Cancer Research UK, with a total income of £338.9m. Household names such as the National Trust, Oxfam, Barnardo's, British Heart Foundation and Leonard Cheshire are also in the elite. The top 10 received £1.8bn in total income - a fifth of the income of the entire top 500." - Cause for concern Society The Guardian

7. "In 2005-06 the voluntary sector's total income was £31bn ...Individual donations fell slightly in 2006-07 to £9.5bn. And the proportion of the UK population donating fell to 54%, down 3% from the previous year." - Tighter rules, more ideas

8. aangirfan: Spies and charities and NGOs

9. aangirfan: Some charities being run by greedy fat cats?

10. aangirfan: Barnardos


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