Sunday, May 11, 2008

Calling the Shots

Beijing and Riyadh will call the shots on ailing dollar's future

"The mini-lessons at Monkseaton community high school are interspersed with frequent breaks for sport or word games. The technique is based on neuroscience research which has found that the memory develops most effectively with short bursts of learning repeated at intervals." - 8-minute lessons boost pupils' GCSE grades

Hillary’s suicidal gamble with race poison

"Kirkcaldy ... reminded me of the bleakest towns in Sicily, minus the sun... Places where the mafia has siphoned off every euro cent of aid money... The difference in Kirkcaldy is that we aren't dealing with gangsters. Decision, after perfectly legal planning decision boils down to year after lamentable year of Labour municipalism... (This is) the birthplace of classical economist Adam Smith and the place where Gordon Brown was brought up. Not only has Kirkcaldy recently been named one of the poorest places in Britain, but our survey of the busiest part of its high street shows that it is on its way to becoming a clone town... Edge-of-town retail parks and supermarkets... act as giant Hoovers sucking all the retail life out of the traditional centre." - How to kill off a once thriving town centre

ID cards scheme 'is open to fraud'


Darfur rebels poised to take Khartoum

Josef Fritzl: 'I want to hear you gasp for breath' News News ...


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