Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The worst record for human trafficking in Europe

Lockerbie bomber's legal team to be barred from crucial judges hearing...

How much do you trust the following to tell the truth? (UK - Trust in journalists plummets. )

Figures show percentage saying a "great deal" or a "fair amount" (change over the last five years in brackets)

BBC news journalists: 61 per cent (down 20 per cent)
Judges: 61 per cent (down 7 per cent)
Senior police officers: 57 per cent (down 15 per cent)
Journalists on upmarket papers: 43 per cent (down 22 per cent)
Leading Conservative politicians: 27 per cent (down 7 per cent)
Journalists on redtop papers: 15 per cent (up one per cent)

"I have particularly documented Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s infamous role in encouraging the military junta in its assassination attempt against President Makarios, which failed, and its coup against the Makarios government, which succeeded; and his support and encouragement of Turkey’s aggression against Cyprus..." - Britain & US Responsibility for Turkey’s Aggression in Cyprus

aangirfan: Plots in Cyprus; US bases in Cyprus

Pipeline blast severs Iranian gas supplies to Turkey

CIA, Mossad terrorists confess in Iran

Our Post Office is in crisis... So why is its £3m boss having such fun in the sun?

Three weeks after being elected as Mayor and pledging to 'work flat out'... Boris takes a holiday

"Scottish local authorities would be tens of millions of pounds better off if the Scottish Government had control of North Sea oil revenue, it was claimed last night. The soaring cost of a barrel of Brent crude oil, which is now more than $130, has resulted in an extra £4billion being raised for HM Treasury since March, according to SNP MSP Nigel Don." - SNP demands fair share of oil cash

Nuclear costs 'to rise by billions'


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