Saturday, May 17, 2008


Video - Bush

"Mengistu Haile Mariam was for 17 bloodthirsty years the quasi Marxist tyrannical ruler of Ethiopia whose fall followed Russian withdrawal of support in 1991.

"His escape was engineered by the The United States embassy in Zimbabwe which was confirmed in a statement by the then Assistant Secretary of State Herman "Hank" Cohen in 1999." - US Ambassador in Harare , James McGee 'is a fucking hypocrite'. Hank Cohen revealed

"The government and the United socialist party of Venezuela have significantly strengthened its positions. Inflation in the country reached 108 percent in the previous years. This year the inflation is 19 percent. Before Hugo Chavez unemployment level was 22 percent. At this moment it is 7.6 percent... Earlier only children of rich families had the opportunity to get higher education... The purchasing power of our population is increasing. Even the poorest citizens have access to medical service." - “No Chance of an Orange Revolution in Venezuela” – Alexis Rafael ...

Concern that missing children 'trafficked'

Jersey abuse case: police find more remains

Egypt's economy soars; so does misery

Egypt to Set Up New Company to Develop Gold in Eastern Desert

Dutch Newspaper: Bilderberg To Meet In Washington June 5-8

US, Israel signal war on Iran

British marines near Iraq-Iran border

Day After "Appeasement" Remark, Ghost of Prescott Bush Hovers Over WH

Continue reading about ‘Broken Liberty - The Whitehouse Coup’

Privatized Prisons and the Global Drug Syndicate

Scotsman apologises to Robert Murat for defamatory Madeline McCann story...


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