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Andrew Roberts, Bush, the security services and oil

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Andrew Roberts attended Cranleigh School from where he was expelled for such pranks as statue painting, chapel roof climbing and rearranging the furniture in the quad.[1] Andrew Roberts (historian)

George W. Bush invited Roberts to lunch at the White House on 28 February 2007. After spending time in the Oval Office, Roberts and his wife dined with Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, the National Security Advisor Steve Hadley, White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and other White House officials.[2]

Richard Tomlinson has referred to MI6 agents in the media "such as Mr. Andrew Roberts." (Tomlinson Postscripts to The Big Breach / Cached)

Andrew Roberts appears regularly on the BBC and in certain newspapers, attacking conspiracy theories (Diana: the truth, the whole truth and conspiracy theories - Telegraph) and supporting wars like Iraq.

In the Christian Science Monitor, Roberts has defended the Iraq War. "Are the English-speaking peoples really about to quit before Islamic totalitarianism has been defeated in Iraq?" - At stake in the Iraq war: survival of a way of life

Roberts wrote a book on Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler's leadership techniques entitled Hitler and Churchill: Secrets of Leadership, in which he delivered a rebuttal to many of the assertions made by David Irving, Clive Ponting and Christopher Hitchens concerning Churchill. (Wikipedia - Andrew Roberts (historian))

In an April 2007 article in The New Republic Johann Hari accused Roberts of supporting massacres against civilians, and British concentration camps built during the Boer War. Hari pointed out Roberts had addressed and praised the Springbok Club, a white supremacist organisation that flies the old South African flag.

It's Scotland's oil

There is a growing amount of propaganda from the UK media about Scotland being too poor and too stupid to become independent.

The Daily Mail had an article by Andrew Roberts attacking the idea of Scottish independence : What if Scotland DID become independent? A historian, ANDREW ROBERTS, looks forward .

The truth is that Scotland pays its own way, has lots of oil (at least half of it is still left) and has a long history of producing clever people. (aangirfan: Scotland pays its own way / Category:Scottish inventors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia/ Scotland's Oil-True oil wealth hidden to stop Independence)

What do people think about Roberts?

"Roberts is as sloppy as he is snobbish. I am seldom bothered by minor errors from a good writer, but Roberts’ mistakes are so extensive, foolish, and revealing of his basic ignorance about the United States in particular...." George Bush's favorite historian. - By Jacob Weisberg - Slate Magazine


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