Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Sick Man of Europe needs Independence

"A child born in the west of scotland will die younger than a child born anywhere else in Europe...

"The study puts forward several theories which could explain the poor health, such as greater inequalities in society or Scots choosing to adopt damaging behaviours, for reasons which could be related to deprivation...

"When Scots emigrate 'down under' they have similar disease and death rates as Australians within two generations.

"'In Mediterranean countries, the extended family unit and a young man's role within it seems to have remained stronger and it may have protected them from some of these effects.'"

"Though political control went south in 1707, economic control did not - not until 1914. It was from then that Scotland's relative decline began.

"It will probably continue until we have a government capable of repatriating a measure of economic control to Scotland.

"In other words, independence (under a government that does not see us as a milk cow for England's benefit) is a necessary precondition to recovering from our decline." - What makes Scotland so sick?


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