Sunday, April 06, 2008


US secret services in between China and Tibet

Indonesia is still run by the military. "Former militia leader Eurico Guterres — the only Indonesian jailed for the destruction of East Timor that claimed about 1500 lives in 1999 — has been acquitted by a Jakarta court. The decision means all the men, most of them Indonesian military officers, charged by Indonesian prosecutors over the violence during the 1999 independence referendum have now been acquitted." - Jakarta judges clear ex-militia leader over Timor carnage

Shamed Justice - East Timor (video)

UK Army faces new torture claims over arrest of Shia leader

Wikio - THE news feed - Wikio

The charmed life of the liquid bomb plot 'mastermind' Rashid Rauf - Winter Patriot .

In Egypt, Upper Crust Gets the Bread


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