Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Poor

American Soldier

US, Germany clash over NATO expansion plan

British Army offers cash to recruit African school children

Mugabe defeated: Britain leads move for £1bn rescue package

"I detect clear signs that the DC Thomson stable in Dundee is lining up behind the SNP (Scottish National Party), with the Scottish Daily Express group likewise, and the Scottish Daily Mail continuing a virulent anti-Scottish Labour line. Maybe the Sunday Times Scotland too.With the Sunday Post apparently pledged to the SNP, although not discernibly totally committed to independence, the Sunday Mail (not the same as the Mail on Sunday) is increasingly throwing its weight behind Scottish Labour leader, Wendy Alexander, and her team... Meanwhile, commentators reckon that, while the Daily Record remains pro-Labour, it could begin flirting with backing the Nats because Labour has been giving juicy material to its competitors - especially fierce rival, the Scottish Sun.Yesterday's front-page exclusive - headed, 'Wendy Turns to Vice Scandal SpinDoctor' - will not endear the Daily Record to the Labour faithful. " - Scottish Editors Find it Difficult to Make up Their Minds

AOL News Networking Website Bans Prison Planet - Stifling dissent # 13

Judge temporarily halts Australian terrorist trial over mistreatment of prisoners

White teenage boys are the new poor in Labour's Britain

Cannabis 'should remain Class C' says government's drugs advisory council in slap in the face for Brown

A quarter of ten-year-olds are never allowed to play outside on their own

110 Churches Forced to Close in Indonesia Over Last Three Years

Hindus Attack Churches During Easter Services


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