Sunday, April 06, 2008

MI6 'lied' about spying on Diana

According to the Sunday Express, 6 April 2008, "MI6 'lied' about spying on Diana."

Lee Sansum, a former military-police sergeant from Elgin in Scotland, was one of Princess Diana's bodyguards in St Tropez.

According to Sansum, quoted in the Sunday Express, the security services "had surveillance on the Fayed house and then in St Tropez where Diana and Dodi went on holiday.

"This was just four weeks before they died.

"So when the Government says Diana was not under any surveillance, then I have to say 'I don't believe you'...MI6 know what happened on that night in Paris because they were there."

Samsun says, "Myself and another member of the protection personnel spotted someone we know well from the special forces working on a building site near the Al Fayed house....

"I spotted Government agents following the princess while on holiday in St Tropez."


An MI6 team was at the UK's embassy in Paris at the time of Princess Diana's death, the former ambassador has said.

Lord Jay told the inquest into Diana's death he did not think the intelligence service's presence had anything to do with the car crash which killed her. - BBC NEWS UK 'MI6 in Paris' when Diana killed


"Fresh accounts include the astonishing claim that the Queen’s most senior and trusted courtier was seen in Paris, at the British Embassy, half an hour before the crash.

"Furthermore, they include a baffling allegation that the RAF crew which flew Tony Blair from his Sedgefield constituency to London to greet the Princess’s repatriated body had been on continual standby to make the flight from two days earlier — when Diana was still alive...

"The Queen’s private secretary, Sir Robert Fellowes, a plummy-voiced Old Etonian and Princess Diana's brother-in-law — had taken a weekend's leave." - Revealed: Diana inquiry's tantalising new questions the Daily Mail


"Richard Billing Dearlove - the incoming Head of MI6 in September 1999 - was in Paris two weeks before the Aug. 31, 1997 crash." -



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