Sunday, April 13, 2008


'Twelve-year-old Mohamed Samer Elhaz Mouss, photographed in October 2006, was injured by Israeli cluster bomblets delivered by Israeli warplanes during the recent Israeli aggression on Lebanon.' -

The world is trying to outlaw the bombs that maimed this child. Britain wants to keep them...Why?

Radiation at Solway range hits new high

"CITIGROUP and Merrill Lynch will ...this week... reveal additional sub-prime write-downs totalling $15 billion (£7.6 billion) or more... Deutsche Bank is attempting to offload some of its €35 billion (£28 billion) of toxic debt to a consortium of private-equity firms." - US banks Citigroup and Merrill Lynch reveal...

More than 200 dead as battle rages in Baghdad

"41% of Scots want the SNP government to negotiate an independence settlement, compared to 40% who are opposed to breaking up the UK." - 41% of Scots back the break-up of the union

How to keep Scotland as part of the United Kingdom -
Terror chiefs recruit more Scots spies

Glasgow Airport attack, the SNP and the security services...

MI6 takes over the Scottish Conservative Party?

Willie MacRae

Willie Macrae murder part 1
Willie Macrae murder part 2
Willie Macrae murder part 3


Berlusconi ally denies ballot plot

"Italian prosecutors said that 50,000 ballot papers among those sent out to Italians living overseas had been marked in favour Mr Berlusconi's People of Freedom movement, and offered for sale to the party." -
Berlusconi on course despite claims

Gordon Brown's 'Granita moment' as Ed Balls is promised No10 job

Defects found in nuclear reactor the French want to build in Britain

"Royal Dutch Shell is facing pressure from the Nigerian government and increasingly violent opposition in the Niger Delta oil-producing region, raising questions over its long-term future in the country...The government of President Umaru Yar'Adua ... is taking a harder line on historic oil contracts.... The difficulties for Shell and other western oil producers, including Chevron and Agip, could push oil prices to new heights." - Shell's future in Nigeria in doubt

The state that may seal Hillary's fate

‘Only 148 officers on beat to police all of Scotland’


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