Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue

"Egypt could become a leading gold producer within the next decade following the discovery of large reserves in the country's Eastern Desert, the Le Progres Egyptian newspaper said Monday. 'With annual output of over 30 tons of gold, sales could exceed revenues from tourism, agriculture and even oil,' the newspaper quoted the country's Oil and Mineral Resources Ministry as saying. Proven reserves at the Wadi Hudain deposit alone exceed 50 million ounces, worth around $50 billion. - Egypt Could Become Major Gold Producer in Next Decade

"The British withdrawal of its forces from Basra and the handing over of security in southern Iraq to Iraqi security forces reflects two British predictions for the future. On the one hand, that the defeat of US-led coalition forces is a foregone conclusion; on the other, that a US military strike against Iran is in the near offing and that Britain wants its own forces well out of range of what would be one of the immediate targets of an Iranian retaliation...

"The US has engaged in various high- profile displays of muscle in which thousands of US and Israeli troops engaged in joint exercises to test new ways of intercepting missiles... In addition, Israel recently carried out the largest training manoeuvre in its history. On 20 March 2008, diverse military formations staged simulated conventional and non-conventional assaults on various Iranian targets...

"Overall, the factors against war seem to outweigh the factors propelling towards war. But since when has logic had the upper hand in determining the behaviour of the Bush administration? " - Can Bush attack again?

FACTBOX: Details of Hamas offer for Gaza truce

US, Russia, China in Dogfight Over Jet Sales

Don't bet against Salmond hitting Westminster target

Backing for SNP surges to a record high

"Scottish manufacturers enjoyed a rebound in both total new orders and output in the three months to April, and hiked their domestic prices at the strongest pace for 17 years, a survey from the Confederation of British Industry revealed yesterday." - Manufacturing boost north of border

McCanns convinced Madeleine is still alive

Egypt and bread - Struggling to stay ahead


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