Monday, April 07, 2008

'Henri Paul was not drunk'

It was a car accident. Royals do not get murdered.

1. Lord Stevens was the top UK policeman who investigated the Diana death.

In November 2006 Lord Stevens met driver Henri Paul's parents and told them that their son was not drunk, and was found to have had only two alcoholic drinks. (Diana: The unseen evidence which has been mysteriously ignored ...)


"Professor Atholl Johnston, a clinical pharmacologist, said one of the blood samples that appeared to show the chauffeur had drunk alcohol was probably not his... 'The most likely explanation is that it isn't Henri Paul's blood.'" - Paul blood samples 'could have been cooked'

3. This former director of security at Harrods is John Macnamara.

Macnamara :

1. Is a former Scotland Yard detective chief superintendent.

2. He was in charge of Fayed's investigation team for five years after Diana's death in August 1997.

3. He has made sworn statements to the police suggesting there was a criminal conspiracy to murder Diana.

4. He told a television interviewer 10 days after the crash that there was no evidence that Henri Paul, the couple's chauffeur, had been drinking.

No unanimous verdict in Diana trial. Court accepts majority verdict. "Princess Diana was unlawfully killed due to the 'gross negligence' of driver Henri Paul and the paparazzi, an inquest jury has found." - Princess Diana unlawfully killed

aangirfan: Henri Paul met an MI6 handler on the night Diana died?

MI6 'lied' about spying on Diana


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