Monday, April 28, 2008

Has-Been Powers

Musharraf bolsters China-Pakistan bond

Sri Lanka shuns West, looks East for aid

"The ascent of the cost of rice to $24 from $10 per hundredweight over the past year tracks the declining value of the American dollar. The link between the declining parity of the US unit and the rising price of commodities, including oil as well as rice and other wares, is indisputable. China has bid aggressively for rice all year, and last week banned rice exports, along with Vietnam and several other producers." - Rice, death and the dollar

"Asians can start by blaming themselves for the present mess in which their farmers remain poor, their poorest struggle to pay for basics such as rice, and their governments continue to pay economic allegiance to the has-been powers of America and Europe." - Bankrupt policies,empty stomachs

The rising protectionist tide

INDONESIA In Padang, Islamic law is now imposed on all - Asia News

UN troops in Congo 'traded gold and arms' World news The Guardian

The World's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives

British voting system 'open to large-scale fraud'

Vote fraud threatens to wreak chaos on London

Postal vote system turns farcical

Bad manners are the biggest problem facing Britain, says study - and parents are to blame


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