Monday, April 07, 2008

Gross negligence

It was all the fault of the driver. Gavrilo Princip was not in Sarajevo that day.

No unanimous verdict in Diana trial. Court accepts majority verdict. "Princess Diana was unlawfully killed due to the 'gross negligence' of driver Henri Paul and the paparazzi, an inquest jury has found." - Princess Diana unlawfully killed

aangirfan: Henri Paul met an MI6 handler on the night Diana died?

MI6 'lied' about spying on Diana

aangirfan: Who really killed Franz Ferdinand?

"One of the main root causes of the American Recession/Depression ... is the disruption to the debt markets caused by the necessity of financing the disastrous attack on Iraq using entirely borrowed money... The only beneficiary of the attack was the (Israeli) Settler Movement and its American operatives" - permanent link

Gordon BrNWO and the United Citizen Federation School Academies

The Omagh Bomb : "We are not seeking vengence we are seeking justice." Parents sue bombers - after 10 years Police bungling

Semyon Mogilevich, the 'East European mafia boss', captured in ...

"There are some high-stakes games being played out around Russia, primarily between the criminal oligarchs who stole Russian national assets after the fall of the Soviet Union, and the current Russian government. Another example is the recent arrest by the Russians of mafiya leader Semyon Mogilevich." - permanent link

Does Main Stream Media Love Israel More Than Our Constitution?


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