Monday, April 21, 2008

Evolution and imperfect human beings

Warsaw Uprising

Twelve year old Vietnamese ARVN Airborne trooper working with the Americans 1968.

Why do we get Hitler and mosquitoes and allergies?

New Scientist, 16 April 2008, tells us that evolution does not produce perfect creatures.

(Evolution myths / Evolution produces creatures perfectly adapted to their environment)

For a creature to survive it has to adapt but it does not have to be perfect.

Natural selection has produced humans that survive, but they are not perfect.

German prisoners of war 1945

New Scientist refers to :

1. The red squirrel. If its design was perfect, it would not have had problems with the grey squirrel.

2. The Panda. The panda's thumb is not perfect.

"The panda must... settle for... a somewhat clumsy, but quite workable, solution," wrote Stephen Jay Gould in 1978.

Sierra Leone

3. Human beings. Humans' two-way lungs are less efficient than birds' one-way lungs.

Humans cannot make vitamin C, because of a gene mutation.

Humans are becoming less well adapted to the world.

New Scientist asks us to think of:

short-sightedness and
drug addiction.

According to New Scientist: "Viruses and bacteria might approach perfection, but we humans are at best a very rough first draft."


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