Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clinton, Obama, McCain - spot the difference.

"Hillary Clinton has issued a stark warning to Iran, as Democrats in Pennsylvania vote to choose between her and Barack Obama to run for president.

"She said the US would attack, and could 'obliterate' Iran, if it launched a nuclear strike on Israel." - Clinton's poll day threat to Iran

Mrs. Clinton's maternal grandmother, Della, married Max Rosenberg in 1933, seven years after she and Mrs. Clinton's grandfather, Edwin Howell, divorced, according to a weekly Jewish newspaper, The Forward. - Hillary Has Jewish Roots, Second Husband Of Grandmother Was Jewish ...

"The Jewish Daily Forward has openly identified 'some of' Hillary Clinton's biggest donors as a 'cadre' of Jews with the power to 'influence' the Democratic Party's decision to prolong the fight between her and Obama until the convention, or not. - Mondoweiss: Jewish Press Is Honest About Hillary's Jewish Money ...

"Hillary Rodham Clinton might have the endorsement of two of the top Jewish names in Pennsylvania politics — Governor Ed Rendell and Rep. Allyson Schwartz of Philadelphia — but 70 other leading Jewish professionals from the Keystone State would rather see Barack Obama at the top of the Democratic ticket.

"Josh Shapiro, the deputy speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, drafted an open letter to the state’s Jewish community on behalf of Mr. Obama, the candidate who boasts what Mr. Shapiro calls a '100 percent voting record on Israel issues.'

"In an interview, Mr. Shapiro said it’s time to, 'as Jews, stand up and say how much we admire Senator Obama for condemning the words of his pastor and making sure he is Israel’s ally in the Middle East.'" - Pa. Jewish Leaders Praise Obama in Letter

"Lieberman ... says that McCain understands how significant the establishment of the state of Israel was. He is an avid reader of history and also has 'a sense of history.' He is familiar with the story of the country. He will not do anything that will 'compromise Israel's security.'" - Why lovers of Israel should vote for McCain (according to ...


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