Monday, April 21, 2008

The CIA and MOSSAD - friends of Sudan and Zimbabwe?

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"The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has found a new African best friend in the head of Khartoum’s national security agency, Saleh Gosh, someone who is notorious for human rights abuses and who has been accused of war crimes.

"Among the ‘successes’ attributed to Gosh and Khartoum’s intelligence bodies by Steve Paterno in an article published in the Sudan Tribune on 18 September 2007 are:

"the provision of security to Osama Bin Laden during his stay in Sudan prior to 9/11." - Institute for Security Studies - Institut d'Études de Sécurité

"The Zimbabwean reports that, according to highly placed government sources, a list of names has been given to Mossad for monitoring. These include people who control key positions in airports, government offices and the finance and banking sectors. It is reported that Mossad agents have brought with them spying equipment for which the Zimbabwean regime is paying huge sums of foreign currency." - Institute for Security Studies - Institut d'Études de Sécurité


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