Monday, March 17, 2008


Worthless money

"HBOS was hit hardest . Its stock market value is now £17.2bn, down from £40bn just over a year ago when its shares were above £11. They ended at 460.5p. HBOS, formed by the merger of the Halifax and Bank of Scotland, has more than 2 million private shareholders on its register..." - HBOS hardest hit in Bear Stearns fallout

"Cook was involved in getting to the bottom of why former party leader John Smith was killed..." - Chief Constable MikeTodd's Killing: MIshap, Suicide or Murder?

Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell had a bodyguard called Michael Faux. Burrell told Faux he removed an engagement ring from Diana's body as she lay in the mortuary in Paris, in 1997. ('Burrell said he took ring from Diana's body in Paris mortuary ... / Paul Burrell 'took engagement ring off Diana' ) On 17 March 2008, Faux told the Diana inquest at the High Court in London, "He (Burrell) said he took it off the body in Paris. He said there was still blood on the ring and he could prove it was hers by DNA." Burrell told Faux he kept items formerly belonging to Princess Diana in a flat next to his home. Faux said Burrell once told him he would, "need a truck to move all the jewellery and items there was so much of it".

Time to kick UK Defence Secretary Des Browne out of parliament - Defence Secretary wants to gag coroners accusing MoD of 'serious failings' over soldiers' deaths

Time to kick out the UK Labour Party - "By 2010 annual spending by the state will have doubled since 1997 to the astonishing sum of £674 billion - with little obvious to show in the way of improvement to justify such an outlay." - This waste of our money is just madness


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