Friday, March 07, 2008

Which is the region of the future?

In a competition run by fDi (foreign direct investment) magazine, published by the Financial Times group, Scotland was named European "region of the future."

Hong Kong came top in Asia (Asian Cities of the Future 2007/08 )

Chicago, Juarez, Windsor and Zapata are the top cities in fDi’s North American Cities of the Future 2007/08 rankings. (North American Cities of the Future 2007/08)

South Africa came top in Africa ( African Countries of the Future 2007/08 )

Costa Rica came top in Central America. (Central American Countries of the Future 2007/08 )

Puerto Rico was top in the Caribbean (Caribbean Countries of the Future 2007/08 )

Scotland, now governed by the Scottish National Party, beat 38 other nations and regions in Europe. (Scotland named Europe's 'region of the future' - Business).

The factors that helped Scotland to win were:

1. Recent economic performance
2. Human resources
3. IT and telecommunications provision
4. Transport links
5. Quality of life overall
6. FDI promotion strategy
7. Ambitious plans to develop the River Clyde, which are set to create 33,000 jobs.
8. Developments such as Edinburgh BioQuarter
9. The Seabraes Yard media park in Dundee, plus
10. Improved airline routes

Edinburgh was named as best "Small European City" in the poll.

Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland featured in the top ten "most business friendly" cities or regions in Europe.

FDi's judges were said to have been impressed with Scotland as a whole.


Weekly disposable incomes (Families struggle to pay bills as the basic cost of living rises 5 ...)

Scotland £137

East of England £132

West midlands £130

East Midlands £120

North West £111

Yorkshire and the Humber £108

South west £107

North East £94

Northern Ireland £89

Wales £45


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