Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vote Fraud

In many elections it is far too easy to go in for vote fraud.

On 18 March 2008, it was reported that a UK politician, Eshaq Khan, had been found guilty of involvement in vote fraud. (BBC NEWS UK England Berkshire Councillor guilty of voting ... / Postal voting cheats are threat to May elections - Times Online)

In 2007, Eshaq Khan (Conservative) beat Lydia Simmons by 119 votes in Slough council's Central Ward. But Khan was 'incompetent' and too 'blatant' and got caught using fake postal votes.

Khan and his Conservative team (1) created hundreds of false names and entered them on the electoral register. (2) Then made applications for postal votes for these "ghost voters".

Judge Richard Mawry QC said: "Despite the 2006 Act, the opportunities for easy and effective electoral fraud remain substantially as they were on 4 April, 2005."

Mawrey said that postal voting on demand was “lethal to the democratic process”.

He said that the current system made “wholesale electoral fraud both easy and profitable.”

Mawrey concluded: “There is no reason to suppose that this is an isolated incident. Roll-stuffing [packing the electoral roll with fictitious voters] is childishly simple to commit and very difficult to detect. To ignore the probability that it is widespread, particularly in local elections, is a policy that even an ostrich would despise.”

It was in 2000 that postal voting on demand was introduced in the UK

In April 2005, Richard Mawrey, QC, said electoral fraud in Birmingham would “disgrace a banana republic.”


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