Wednesday, March 19, 2008


"Though he vehemently denied rumours of bisexuality, his closest male friend was a homosexual who daily preyed on young boys, while there is clear evidence that Greene regularly seduced under-age teenage lads on the Italian island of Capri." - The British author was venerated by the Catholic Church. But new letters reveal a much darker side


"George Bush has been tied to a prostitution ring involving as many as 50,000 women and girls." - How Many Child Prostitutes Is Bush Responsible for?

Iraq's Public Services in Tatters and Civilians Health at Risk

UK poverty - "Part-time workers or pensioners on £7,000 a year will, astonishingly, see their income tax virtually double." - Pensioners and low-paid will be the biggest losers after Darling's ...

Families will have to spend £572 a year MORE as cost of essentials soars 40 per cent

Decline of marriage is destroying our pupils, say teachers

White working-class boys 'consigned to educational scrapheap by Labour and liberal establishment'

Natural gas found in BP, ENI area off Egypt

The Iraq War Is Killing Our Economy


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