Friday, March 14, 2008

Time to sack some police chiefs?

When crime levels are too high, should certain police chiefs be sacked?

In Scotland, the most crime-ridden police beat area is Aberdeen Central. (Policing in crisis as crime rates rise - Times Online)

The second most crime-ridden beat is Dumfries.

There is lots of crime in Dumfries.

Dumfries is a small town in a quiet rural area.

Dumfries and Galloway is the UK's smallest mainland police force.

Sir John Orr was once chief constable (boss) of Dumfries and Galloway police.

As a superintendent in Strathclyde Police, John Orr was the senior investigating officer in the Lockerbie enquiry.

Think of the police in Dumfries in Galloway and you think of the Lockerbie Bomb Trial.

And this: Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

And this: Pan Am Flight 103 hit Lockerbie on 21 December 1988. The Dumfries and Galloway police began to investigate.

But for two days it was "difficult" for them to collect evidence as "CIA agents combed the countryside for the luggage of the dead American intelligence agents and a suitcase full of heroin...."

According to the BBC, 14 October 2005:

Research carried out in 2004 showed that 52% of those with a drug problem in Dumfries and Galloway were aged between 15 and 19 when their addiction began.

This compares with 38% in the Greater Glasgow health board area.

Researchers from the Centre for Drugs Misuse Research (CDMR) at Glasgow University found that the prevalence of misuse in the Dumfries and Galloway area had risen significantly between 2000 and 2003.

The prevalence figure, which is expressed as a percentage of those aged between 15 and 54 who use problem drugs (mainly heroin), had risen from 1.6% to 2.43%, a rate higher than both Edinburgh (2.10%) and Aberdeen (2.03%).



No Remorse said...

Are you from Dumfriesshire?
I notice the odd article about the region on your blog.
I could tell you dark stories about the cops in that region, especially under the guidance of John Orr while he was head of Dumfriesshire constabularly.

Anon said...

Dear Muckletoon,

We have been to the Galloway coast on holiday. Our main interest is Lockerbie. Do you have a blog? Feel free to post any comments on the police.

From - Aangirfan

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