Friday, March 28, 2008

Scottish independence

Letters to The Scotsman, 27 March 2008, about Scottish independence (Hopes for independence do not signify regression but 21st-century ...):

1. "Gordon Brown claims that independence would mean 'retreat into 19th-century nationalism' (report, 25 March).

"This is odd, from someone who supports the independence of Kosovo. May I remind him that 16 European countries have gained their independence since 1991.

"He states that there are no Scotland-Wales-England-only solutions to transnational challenges. Well how does the Republic of Ireland or any other independent country cope?

"Mr Brown claims there are advantages of our economic union. How does he explain the fact, that Ireland has a far greater GDP per capita and far greater ranking on the quality of life index?

"Furthermore, he states that within the UK; we share common values. How do the values of western Europe or those of Australia, New Zealand and Canada differ from the UK?

"He claims that the Union is not about partnership at the expense of pride. Though it results in Scotland being seen as a region and not a country, around the world." - THOMAS MURRAY, Cairns Crescent, Perth

2. "Gordon Brown talks of retreating into 19th-century nationalism. I would remind him that Scotland has been in retreat for the last 300 years in a provincial backwater from which it is showing signs of desiring to emerge into 21st-century national independence.

"The so-called unionist parties are getting together to talk of surveying devolution with, among other things, greater powers to raise its own finance. How they expect to reach that goal without independence I cannot see." - (REV) JAMES McL RITCHIE, Croft-an-Righ, Edinburgh


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