Thursday, March 20, 2008


"Sir - I'm puzzled. If Barack Obama's mother was a white American (Ann Dunham) and his father a Kenyan (also known as Barack Obama), why is he persistently referred to as black (for example in John O'Sullivan's comment piece in Issue 865)? The Swahili have an apt term for what Obama actually is, namely 'nusu-nusu' (half-half). But to do my part in redressing the balance, henceforth I will be arguing around the dinner table that he is white." - letters to the editor

Rising costs throw Chinese manufacturing into crisis

Cheney focuses on Iranian project

"Giffard Aubin, who was placed in the home at the age of seven... says the home was so overcrowded that when one boy died of sunstroke, Aubin did not hear about it until a long time afterwards...." - Jersey: Investigation divides scandal-hit island

Cyprus considered dangerous by Mossad

Why Spitzer was Bushwhacked

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