Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Video - Aaron Russo

"In his famous book, The Collapse of British Power (1972), Correlli Barnett reports that in the opening days of World War II Great Britain only had enough gold and foreign exchange to finance war expenditures for a few months. The British turned to the Americans to finance their ability to wage war. Barnett writes that this dependency signaled the end of British power.... The US 'superpower' cannot even finance its own domestic operations, much less its gratuitous wars except via the kindness of foreigners to lend it money that cannot be repaid. The US will never repay the loans. The American economy has been devastated by offshoring, by foreign competition, and by the importation of foreigners on work visas, while it holds to a free trade ideology that benefits corporate fat cats and shareholders at the expense of American labor. The dollar is failing in its role as reserve currency and will soon be abandoned." - Counterpunch

25 Intolerable Contradictions: The Final Undoing of the Official 9/11 Story

Obama - He wants the White vote - the Black Vote - The Jewish Vote - but he ain't lookin' for the Moooslim vote

"A great danger that the next American Presidential election will be fought between two candidates for the More Wars For The Jews Party." -
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Malaysia's Abdullah Ousts Rafidah, Slashes Cabinet (Update3)


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