Sunday, March 30, 2008


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Blair's failure in Northern ireland -"Political power in Northern Ireland now effectively belongs to a republican Tonton Macoute, and a semi-religious political sect...

"They have no consensus or programme. They spend, but they cannot rule: and meanwhile, so-called 'peace-lines', 12ft walls, have spread through Belfast like fissures in a cracked plate.

"Ten years ago there were 18 of them: now there are 40, in all, 13 miles long, keeping Catholic and Protestant not merely physically apart, but blissfully invisible to one another." - Staring into Northern Ireland's moral abyss

Terrorism: Is the IRA run by the British security services?

Assassination? "Let's not forget that one person has already been murdered who was reluctantly involved in approving a CIA kidnapping / rendition in Denmark ...Of course the Bromma airport incident in Sweden on December 18th 2001, is the most interesting of cases where approval was given because the lady (Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh) who gave the approval for the kidnapping was murdered in public nearly two years later." - Michael Todd - Dead Men tell no Tales - The living are silent as well ... what happened to cop who investigated UK collusion in CIA Renditions ?

Scotland's energy resources -The London government "will plunder nearly £40million a year in 'windfall' profits from Scotland’s renewable energy industry...

"In a move similar to the one which saw billions of revenue from Scottish oil fields diverted to London, the Crown Estate will levy a 'stealth tax' for every megawatt generated offshore.

"It will also demand onshore power stations pay for grid connections and carbon capture facilities.

"And the Estate will charge green energy firms rent for wind and wave turbine sites and for the subsea cables needed to export electricity to England and other countries...

"The Crown Estate owns the foreshore and seabed around the UK to a distance of 12 nautical miles. It also has further rights out to the extent of Britain’s continental shelf, at 200 miles." - CHANCELLOR’S £40MILLION ENERGY RAID

Scotland: How black gold was hijacked: North sea oil and the ...


aangirfan: Proof of London lies about Scotland's oil wealth


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