Friday, March 14, 2008

Nazi propaganda in schools?

UK Ministry of Defence teaching materials that give an unbalanced view of the Iraq war are being used in schools, teachers' leaders have said. (Iraq: teachers told to rewrite history / Pupils 'given biased Iraq view' )

What the Ministry of Defence's guide says

"Iraq was invaded early 2003 by a United States coalition. Twenty-nine other countries, including the UK, also provided troops... Iraq had not abandoned its nuclear and chemical weapons development program". After the first Gulf War, "Iraq did not honour the cease-fire agreement by surrendering weapons of mass destruction..."

Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

The coalition included Eritrea, El Salvador and Macedonia.

"The invasion was also necessary to allow the opportunity to remove Saddam, an oppressive dictator, from power, and bring democracy to Iraq".

Saddam was trained and put into power by the CIA.

Saddam offered to leave Iraq to prevent the 2003 invasion.

The 2003 invasion of Iraq was illegal.

There is now a sectarian Shia government, under the thumb of the USA.

Torture is now widespread.

"Over 7,000 British troops remain in Iraq... to contribute to reconstruction, training Iraqi security forces... They continue to fight against a strong militant Iraqi insurgency."

Britain has 5,000 troops in Iraq and they are confined to the airport.

There has been more destruction than reconstruction.

"The cost of UK military operations in Iraq for 2005/06 was £958m."

The estimated cost to the UK for this year is £1.6 billion.

The cost to the world is many trillions.

"Over 312,000 Iraqi security forces have been trained and equipped."

Reportedly, the Iraqi security forces run death squads targeting Sunnis.

"A total of 132 UK military personnel have been killed in Iraq."

175 UK military have been killed since the invasion of 2003.

Over one million Iraqis have died as a result of US and UK actions.

"From hospitals to schools to wastewater treatment plants, the presence of coalition troops is aiding the reconstruction of post-Saddam Iraq."

Baghdad still only has a few hours of intermittent electricity a day.

Hospitals are in chaos.


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