Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Michael Todd

1. "His coat had also come off and some of his clothes were discovered nearby.

"The Mail report a source saying, 'There are no obvious injuries compatible with a fall from height.'

"The BBC News BBC 4 PM at 5.00 pm GMT made the odd announcement that Michael Todd sent texts on Monday aftrenoon which gave rise to concern that suggested danger to his life and that of others." - Michael Todd - A death has been reported - Curiouser and curiouser

2. "Sources at Greater Manchester Police said that among the items found with him were personal letters written to his loved ones, the BBC's Nick Ravenscroft said.

"No news yet of the heroic walkers, or their pictures, or their names, or why they were out there in that dreadful weather, or why the personal items were 200yds away, or why they hadn't blown away, or why they looked." - One of our policemen was missing - now we know he is dead. Did he fall ? ..... Or was he pushed ?

Australia accused of helping with notorious CIA rendition flights



Hubris said...

I linked to a few of your blogs on: Jersey, Bryn Estyn etc. in the course of putting together a blog about the three recently 'suicided' coppers:
The Third Policeman

Hope you don't mind :)

Anon said...

Dear Hubris,

Many thanks for your comment. I have linked to your post.

Regards from Aangirfan.

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