Monday, March 03, 2008

Jersey in the news

1. Emilie LeBreton, who became Lillie Langtry, was born in 1853 at St. Saviour’s rectory on Jersey, where her father was the Dean of Jersey.

Lillie became the mistress of the Prince of Wales (Edward VII).

In 1881, Lillie gave birth to Jeanne Marie, whose father, rumour had it, was Prince Albert’s nephew, Prince Louis of Battenberg. (Jersey, Channel Islands)

2. The multi-millionaire Barclay brothers commissioned Lord McAlpine, the former Conservative treasurer, to write their biography.

"McAlpine has been a close friend since the mid-1970s and successfully courted them to become donors to the Tories. He is also a trustee of their charitable foundation...

"In his own memoirs, serialised in 1997 in one of the Barclays’ newspapers, McAlpine paid them an effusive tribute: “I have spent many hours in their company and never cease to wonder at their insights . . ." (Barclay brothers come out of purdah with biography - Times Online)

3. The military occupation of the Channel Islands by Nazi Germany during World War II lasted from 30 June 1940 until the Liberation on 9 May 1945.

"One secret that was buried for years was the fate of the 'Jerseybags' – the women who had sexual relations with German soldiers – and the children born from these relationships. Documents released in 1996 suggested that there may have been 900 such babies. One of the documents referred to a building called the Westaway Creche, in St Helier, which was said to be 'full up with those little bastards'. What became of them has been kept secret." - (Secrets and lies: the dark side of Jersey - This Britain, UK ...)

4. Reportedly, Wendy Alexander, the Labour Party's leader in Scotland, has admitted that her campaign to become Labour's Holyrood (Scottish) leader was partly financed by an 'illegal' £950 donation from Jersey tax exile Paul Green. ( Read Story )

5. Robert Brown, who lives in Jersey, thinks he could be the late Princess Margaret's son. (BBC NEWS World Europe Jersey Royal claimant to await judgment)

6. Plymouth-based frigate HMS Chatham sailed to Jersey and Guernsey. "Highlight of the visit for eight prize-winning Jersey and Guernsey children was a VIP tour of the ship and lunch with the commanding officer." ( BBC NEWS World Europe Navy ship gives children VIP tour )


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