Thursday, March 06, 2008

'Jersey care home boss raped his own foster daughter'

'Jersey care home boss raped his own foster daughter' the Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail, 6 March 2008:

Colin Tilbrook, who died 20 years ago, was the boss of Jersey's Haut de la Garenne care home in the 1960s.

Tilbrook had a foster daughter called Tina Blee, 38.

According to Tina Blee, Tilbrook regularly raped her. The attacks on her started when she was aged ten.

Reportedly, police have identified Tilbrook as a suspect in their investigation into possible abuse and murder of children who stayed at the home.

Tina Blee told the Sun (Jersey horror home Run by perv Raped kids including foster ...) :"He abused me... but at least I survived. To think he may have been involved in the deaths of children is almost beyond belief."

When Tilbrook moved to Dorset he got a job as a council social worker vetting children's homes.

Ben Shenton, Jersey's minister for child welfare, has been accused of sabotaging the inquiry into child sex abuse.

Shenton sent an email to cabinet colleagues 'ridiculing the investigation and mocking Lenny Harper, the policeman in charge.'

Shenton ridicules the idea that the remains found last week beneath the Haut de la Garenne children's home belonged to a child rather than to animals.

He claims that one sex abuse victim, purportedly interviewed by The Times this week, died last year.


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