Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jersey and famous people

Victor Hugo

1. Jersey has been linked to the allegations concerning bribes paid to arms company BAE. (Nobbling the police The Guardian BAE investigation guardian.co.uk)

The Serious Fraud Office's assistant director, Helen Garlick, discovered that £7m, hidden offshore in Jersey, had been paid to the foreign minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad.

Hamad wrote a £6m cheque to the Jersey authorities for their 'inconvenience' in having to investigate him. The Qatar case was abandoned.

Michael Portillo, who as defence secretary had signed a Qatar arms deal in 1996, was put on the board of BAE in 2002, shortly after the case was dropped both in London and Jersey.

2. Jersey is popular for conferences. (BBC News UK Politics Resignation left me 'disorientated ...)

In 1999, the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union held a conference in Jersey. Among those attending were Peter Mandelson and the AEEU's General Secretary Sir Ken Jackson.

3. Jersey has been visited by famous people like Tony Blair. ( BBC NEWS World Europe Jersey Blair helped 'safeguard industry' )

A former Jersey politician, Peter Horsfall, has said a personal intervention by Tony Blair helped Jersey safeguard its finance industry.

Pierre Horsfall was president of the Policy and Resources Committee when Tony Blair visited Jersey in 2002.

In 2002, the European Union was putting pressure on the UK to tighten up rules on tax avoidance.

4. Famous residents and ex-residents of Jersey, according to 'Knowhere' ( Knowhere: Jersey Saint Helier, Channel Islands, Local Heroes ... ):

Roger Daltrey (The Who) comes over fairly often for holidays.

Nigel Mansell (Racing Driver) has a flat there.

Nigel Benn (Boxer) owns a flat.

Gerald Durrell (deceased writer and zoo owner)

Jack Higgins (novelist)

Roger Moore

Victor Hugo

Anthony Worrel-Thompson

Graeme Le Saux

Alan Wicker

Billy Butlin

Ian Woosnam

John Nettles of Bergerac fame.


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