Monday, March 17, 2008


New $1 Dollar Bill launched today - Extra security feature - everyone is marked $5 Dollars

Iraqis want US troops to leave - Press TV

"Chairman of Britam Ltd., Sir Michael Wilkes KCB, CBE who served in the British Army for 35 years reaching the rank of a 4 star General - including Director of Special Forces. On leaving the Army in 1995, he was appointed Governor and Commander in Chief of the Island of Jersey where he served until 2000. (and would of course have agreat deal to do with Bailiff of Jersey , SIR PHILIP MARTIN BAILHACHE , QC who was elected to the post in 1989.) Since that time he has become Deputy Chairman and Senior Independent Non-Executive Director of C. I. Traders Limited, a broadly based property and retail company which is the largest employer in the Channel Islands. He takes an interest in the finance industry and is Chairman of Chiltern Holdings (Jersey) Ltd." -


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