Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The UK government is refusing to release key evidence in the Lockerbie/PanAm 103 case.

"The Foreign Secretary must realise that the longstanding release of them to the prosecution, but not the defence, wrecks any chance of the next appeal being considered fair.... This grossly selective restriction can only destroy any remaining vestige of faith in the freedom and independence of Scotland's judicial system." - Dr Jim Swire, Father of Flora, murdered at Lockerbie. - No justification

Corrupt Colombia: "This so-called 'para-scandal' revealed that a counterinsurgency force, known as the United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia, or AUC, collaborated with drug lords to control the cocaine trade and simultaneously worked with Colombia’s elites, including Uribe’s family... The new disclosures also have brought back to public attention the Uribe family’s long history of ties to drug lords and paramilitary militias... 'I’m proud to call [Uribe] a friend and strategic ally,' Bush said" - Bush, Colombia & Narco-Politics

"Eliot Spitzer, the governor of the state of New York and self-styled Mr Clean, was facing calls to resign after he apologised on camera in the wake of an alleged link to a prostitution ring...$2,600 for an appointment on the night of February 13 at the Washington Mayflower hotel... Spitzer has backed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination." - Governor 'linked to prostitution ring'

Cost of Iraqi and Afghan wars doubles

In Malta, "the ruling Nationalist Party, a vaguely right-of-centre party that supported Malta's entry into the EU and the euro, won by an incredibly slender margin (just over a thousand votes)...

"By staying out of the EU, Malta could have retained and expanded its status as an offshore tax haven, providing Monaco, the Swiss, Liechtenstein and Gibraltar with some useful competition as a friendly venue. Malta has quite a thriving IT and financial sector and English is widely spoken there, a priceless advantage. By keeping out of the EU, it could also have avoided becoming a conduit for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who use the small island as an entry point for the EU." - European affairs

The world's 50 most powerful blogs (aacording to The Guardian)

Cabal of leading Jersey figures is trying to wreck abuse inquiry ...

Le Monnier sisters recall Jersey home abuse

Raped, starved, beaten and shot - how Germans suffered after the war


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