Sunday, March 09, 2008

Corrupt Jersey policemen try to block Jersey child abuse and murder investigation.

Detectives investigating the Jersey child abuse scandal say there have been attempts by corrupt policemen to block the inquiry. (Police to arrest Jersey suspects)

Deputy police chief Lenny Harper, asked about attempt to cover-up the abuse, says:

“There has been stacks of it. Mainly from ex-cops, corrupt cops who have got friends in among senior politicians on the island...

“There were calls made and anonymous e-mails sent to national newspapers in the past week warning them not to trust the chief officer and myself, and that definitely came from the sister of one of the corrupt cops.

According to The Times, Harper, 56, "was responsible for sacking a 'hard core' of officers who had allegedly demanded sexual favours from members of the public and taken holidays paid for by Jersey businessmen.

"He said the former officers – including one high-ranking policeman – threatened him when it became clear his child abuse inquiry would expose their failure to investigate. 'I received about 140 abusive letters with threats to burn my house and my car,' said Harper. 'This happened about a year ago.'"

Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper said he had received increasingly disturbing stories of abuse.

Harper is quoted in The Times, 9 March 2008, as saying: “There is one particularly graphic account that still causes us concern. You would have to think there’s a strong possibility that the person died.

Witnesses reported to his officers that the child concerned was “never seen again”. Reportedly this case related to abuse in the 1970s.

About 100 victims’ accounts concern Haut de la Garenne, while another 60 claim to have been abused elsewhere on Jersey.

One victim claims to have been sexually abused during a trip with the Jersey sea cadets to the River Thames.

UK councils check on fate of children they sent to Jersey


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