Friday, March 07, 2008

The classic member of the English upper class.

John Amery

Ronald Harwood, in the Daily Mail, 5 March 2008, told us about John Amery, a Jewish member of the English upper class. ( Why the son of a Churchill cabinet minister became a mouthpiece ...)

John Amery was the son of British government minister Leo Amery.

Leo was Secretary of State for India in Winston Churchill's Cabinet.

Leo's mother came from a Jewish-Hungarian family.

John was a diamond smuggler, gun-runner, fascist, bisexual, and a bigamist through his marriages to two prostitutes. In 1942, John Amery made a Nazi propaganda broadcast from Berlin.

As a boy, John attended a school in Switzerland. When he got syphilis, he told his tutor that he had caught it by acting as a prostitute with men.

At the age of 20, John appeared at Bow Street Magistrates Court. He was accused of using his car to block a street while he went drinking. He already had 73 previous convictions.

John married Una Eveline Wing, a prostitute.

Una reported that John was still earning money as a male prostitute. John also enjoyed masochistic sex with female prostitutes.

John travelled to Spain to fight for the fascists in the Spanish Civil War.

When World War II began, John was in Paris where he got a new prostitute girlfriend, Jeanine Barde.

MI6 reported that John was no threat to Britain.

John was invited to Germany by Hitler.

In Berlin, in 1942, John began a series of nine broadcasts of Nazi propaganda to Britain.

Back in Paris, with a second wife, prostitute Michelle Thomas, John began to plan for a British legion who would fight for the Germans.

Mussolini invited John to Italy, and there John was captured by Italian partisans.

Eventually, John was put on trial in Britain, found guilty and hanged.
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