Saturday, March 08, 2008


Lou Dobbs

"Obamaworld is a universe of liberal professionals and young people—plus blacks from all economic segments.

"Hillaryland, by contrast, is a place of working-class voters, particularly working-class women, and the old." - Obamaworld versus Hillaryland

"Anybody who is confident of the outcome of Spain's election on March 9th should recall March 14th 2004... The past four years have been good for Spain. Growth has averaged almost 4%. Spain has been producing most of the jobs created in the euro area. In December Europe's number-crunchers said it had overtaken Italy in GDP per head. Mr Zapatero's decision to pull Spanish troops out of Iraq was popular, as were most of his government's social policies, such as legalising gay marriages." - The coming pain in Spain

Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates

9/11 TRUTH Issues EXPLODE onto CBS National Radio Yesterday !! Op Ed News

Global Warming is a Scam!!! If you don't believe me ask Alex Jones!

Gaza - Amazing pictures

What's holding India back?

"According to the Congress-led government's own estimate, most development spending fails to reach its intended recipients. Instead it is sponged up, or siphoned off, by a vast, tumorous bureaucracy.

"That is why, despite India's commitment to universal health care, water and education, only five countries have a lower portion of health spending in the public sector; over half of urban children are educated privately; and nearly all investment in irrigation is private." - Battling the babu raj

UK Trade for 2007 - Exports down 10% - Imports up , Carousel VAT fraud stopped rising as well

SNP: Treaty row will undermine Westminster

Lockerbie bomb document bid fails

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