Saturday, March 29, 2008

Assassinations - Robert Kennedy, Hariri, Jack Kennedy, Diana etc

Video - Robert Kennedy

"The death of Rafiq Hariri ... on February 14th 2005....It is essential to understand that the bombings .... to do with Jeffrey Feltman, the US ambassador in Lebanon, who has just moved on to Turkey. Feltman was an acolyte of British born Jew, Martin Indyk when he was US Ambassador to Israel ... Who paid for Shrillary's lesbian palalong Huma Abidan's trips to Israel..." - 'Lebanon - UN's 10th useless fucking report on Israeli murder of Hariri and the NATO/US base at Qlieat is coming along just fine.'

aangirfan: Kennedy assassination


aangirfan: Accusations that the CIA murdered Benazir Bhutto

aangirfan: Diana, Palestinians, arms deals and 9 11.

aangirfan: Willie MacRae

aangirfan: William McRae & Hilda Murrell


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