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Julius Caesar, Hadrian, Tiberius, Nero, Commodus, Elagabalus, Virgil, Ovid, Lucretius, Horace, Martial, Juvenal and Firmicus.

The Warren Cup, portraying a man and youth

Eros and Silenus

The Romans were bisexual.

Cato the Censor complained about 200 B.C.E. that a handsome slave boy cost as much as a farm. ( glbtq >> literature >> Roman Literature)

Handsome slave boys were much in demand.

Of Julius Caesar, Suetonius wrote:

"When Thermus sent Caesar to Bithnyia, he wasted so much time at King Nicomedes' court that a homosexual relationship between them was suspected, and suspicion gave way to scandal when, soon after his return to headquarters, he returned to Bithynia: ostensibly collecting a debt incurred there by one of his freedmen." (The Twelve Caesars, Book 2, Penguin Classics version).

Suetonius describes ten of the twelve emperors that he writes of as being bisexual.

Hadrian loved Antinous, a young ex-slave who was famous for his beauty. In 134 A.D. Antinuous died at the age of 21 under mysterious circumstances. The 58-year-old Hadrian was so upset over Antinuous' death that he declared him a god, built a temple for him, and named an Egyptian city after him.

According to / Time traveller's guide to the Roman Empire:

Tiberius, who spends most of the later years of his reign as emperor – from AD 26 to 37 – on the island of Capri, is said to have a special penchant for his spintriae (groups of young boys), with whom he surrounds himself and indulges in all manner of promiscuous behaviour. The walls of his bedrooms at Capri are reported to be decorated with various sexual acts and positions 'in case a performer should need an illustration of what [is] required'...

Nero's reported sexual activities range from being seduced by his mother Agrippina to forcing his unwanted attentions on married women and boys. Famously, he takes two homosexual lovers, Pythagoras and Sporus, in 'marriage'. Nero is said to behave as the wife to Pythagoras and husband to Sporus, whom he has had castrated. Taken together with his 'artistic' performances when he will often take on a female part and dress accordingly, Nero's behaviour scandalises Rome and plays an important part in his downfall.

Commodus emperor from AD 180 to 192, is said to have a harem of 300 girls and the same number of boys and to put on great orgies.

But for sheer shock value, none can compare with the Syrian,
Elagabalus, emperor from 218 to 222, who believes himself to be a living god.

Elagabalus is remarkable not only for being only 14 years old when he becomes absolute ruler of the Roman empire but also for his sexual activities while holding that office... shocking in the eyes of respectable Roman society is his 'marriage' to a slave named Hierocles. Elagabalus likes nothing better than to dress as a woman and go around with his 'husband', who is even encouraged to beat the emperor as if he is his real wife. Sometimes Elagabalus plays out scenes in which Hierocles finds him with another man and punishes him for his 'infidelity'.


Louis Crompton wrote:

The Romans condoned sex with captured or purchased slaves of either sex.

Since slaves formed a large part of the population in late republican and imperial times, young male bedmates were available in abundance and freely enjoyed without censure....

Homoerotic poems are part of the repertory of nearly all the major Latin love poets...

Virgil, as the author of Rome's national epic the Aeneid, ranks as Rome's greatest poet.

He is of importance for the gay literary heritage for two reasons. He wrote the most famous of Latin homoerotic poems (his second, or Corydon, eclogue) and he also made a serious attempt to introduce the heroic tradition of Greek love into Latin literature...

Ovid, however, stories of the loves of the gods for beautiful boys were simply raw material to be exploited poetically.

As a result, Ovid was the main source for such myths in the middle ages, when he became, somewhat surprisingly, the favorite poet of Christian Europe, much admired and widely quoted and imitated in what has been called "the Age of Ovid."

...Not all the homoerotic stories of the Metamorphosis are in book ten. Book three tells the tale of Narcissus. In Ovid's version, Narcissus is loved by girls and boys, but it is specifically a boy he scorns who sets the curse on him; he falls fatally in love with another "lovely boy" when he sees his image reflected in a pool.

Eugene Rice , at , wrote :

The Epicurean poet Lucretius (94-55 B.C.E.) took it to be a self-evident law of nature that attractive adolescent males, before they grew up and began to be desired by women, should be desired by men....

The sex of one's partner could be a matter of surprising indifference.

Horace, who never married, "burned with desire, sometimes for tender boys, sometimes for girls."

Martial writes, in the (fictive) first person singular, of penetrating males anally, penetrating females vaginally and anally, and being fellated by both male and female partners.

What mattered ... was role, age, and status.

The freeborn adult Roman who liked to copulate with males penetrated slave boys, eunuchs, and male prostitutes with as little reproach as he penetrated his female slaves, his female concubine, or female prostitutes.

In contrast, seducing a puer praetextatus, a freeborn male Roman who had not yet put on the toga virilis (this rite of passage happened at about age fifteen), was a serious offense; and fathers tried hard to protect the pudicitia (sexual modesty, chastity) of their sons. No easy task: "A handsome son," notes
Juvenal, "keeps his parents in constant fear and misery, so rarely do pudicitia and good looks go together."

Nor did citizens who valued their reputations have sex with each other. For a free adult male to be penetrated anally or orally by another free adult male, by a freedman, by a boy, by a male prostitute, or by a slave was a disgrace.

Roman male homosexuality was predominantly a form of pederasty that did not exclude relationships with women and was governed by a firm distinction of role that stigmatized adult male passivity as servile and effeminate.

The contrast between Roman and Greek homosexuality is most striking in how the two societies tried to regulate the sexual relations of adult citizens and freeborn boys.

In Athens, ideally, both parties were freeborn and social equals; the tie between them was consensual; and (in some instances) educational as well as sexual.

At Rome, the typical same-sex relationship was between a citizen (active) and his adolescent slave (passive)....

Firmicus, like Ptolemy before him, recognizes all the commoner inflections of sexual taste. For example: "If Mercury and Venus are in conjunction in the 19th degree of Aries, they make the natives impure of mouth" (inpuros ore=fellators). Saturn in aspect with Venus in any way "will make the natives molles, cinaedos, men who give themselves to slavish acts." It is the celestial ambient that produces professional and amateur prostitutes, even lesbian prostitutes (mulieres vero viragines meretrices).

But what is most useful for us to retain from the ancient theorists is a renewed sense of the range of sexual categories available to Romans, of the elasticity and variety their sexual tastes, and of the candor with which they report and picture their sexual acts.


"It is not open to you to find that Julius Caesar was unlawfully killed."

An accident

While being driven past the Theatre of Pompey, Julius Caesar was stopped by a group of Senators.

Some reports suggested Caesar was stabbed and received 23 stab wounds.

An eyewitness told the Times he saw a "flash of light" just before the death.

Two witnesses told the police they saw a white Fiat Uno.

The first coroner left his post.

The Daily Mirror published a letter in which Caesar claimed there was a plot to kill him.

The replacement coroner left his post. Then another coroner quit.

After almost six months listening to more than 250 witnesses, the final coroner told the jury in his summing up: "There is no evidence that Julius Caesar was assassinated. There is no evidence that he was killed by a group of his enemies."

The coroner set out the possible verdicts the jury could reach, but stressed: "It is not open to you to find that Julius Caesar was unlawfully killed."

He said possible verdicts included unlawful killing through gross negligence, accidental death, or an open verdict if the 11-member jury felt there was insufficient evidence to support any substantive verdict.


aangirfan: Diana, Palestinians, arms deals and 9 11.

aangirfan: Diana, Prince Bandar and unreliable sources

Diana and the security services


Zimbabwe - Platinum, Farm Land, Blair, Bush, the Military, Mossad

Mugabe is a bad dictator?

Or Mugabe is being destabilised by the West so that the West can control Zimbabwe's platinum and farm land?

Possibly both statements are true.

1. 1990 Zimbabwe:

"By 1990, life expectancy had risen to 64 years, and infant mortality, school enrolment and adult literacy were all better than the average for the developing countries." - BBC News Zimbabwe Political conspiracy or economic mismanagement?

2. 2008:

"Despite the large number of Zimbabweans, legally/illegally in South Africa at present, presumably as a result of being dissatisfied with Mugabe, it appears that they are not finally decided about Bob and the mob.

"During a recent phone-in program on SABC, callers were asked whom they would vote for, and the majority of them (identified as Zimbabweans) still chose Mugabe." - Your views on Zimbabwe election

3. "The trigger for Zimbabwe’s economic and financial besiegement is the decision taken by Britain’s Labour government under former prime minister Tony Blair in 1997, not to support 'the package of assistance for resettlement in the period immediately following independence'...

"It is clearly feared that if Zimbabwe’s 'land grab' is emulated elsewhere in Africa, or Third World countries, or Commonwealth member states, it would threaten to shake the foundations of capitalism as understood by the Western world.

"This is rooted in bankable title deeds and the sanctity of individual property rights. However, Zimbabwe dispensed with both to achieve its 'fast track land reform programme'...

"In whose interest would Zimbabwe be destabilised?

"... US President George Bush signed into law the 'Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act' on December 21 2001...

"Today, Zimbabwe is under an economic and financial siege and, therefore, seriously cash strapped...

"Ask yourself the question, how is it possible that Zimbabwe’s economy cannot profit from the soaring platinum, gold, uranium and coal prices, when the country is richly blessed with such strategic natural resources and many more?

"... One needs to look at the de-classified CIA documents again, how conspiring foreign international forces had undermined Ghana’s economy in 1962-1965 in order to topple President Kwame Nkrumah... - The Herald

4. 25 July 2005:

"The Chinese are widely reported to covet a stake in Zimbabwe's platinum mines, which have the world's second-largest reserves...

"China won a contract last year to farm 1,000 square kilometers, or 386 square miles, of land seized from white commercial farmers during the land-confiscation program begun by Mugabe in 2000."

Mugabe's "new 25-bedroom palace is covered with midnight-blue Chinese roof tiles. His air force trains on Chinese jets. His subjects wear Chinese shoes, ride Chinese buses and, lately, zip around the country in Chinese propjets..." - Zimbabwe's future: Made in China - International Herald Tribune

31 August 2007:

"Robert Mugabe is to lose vital support from one of his few remaining allies on the world stage, China.

"One of the Zimbabwe president's oldest diplomatic friends, China yesterday told Lord Malloch Brown, the Foreign Office minister, that it was dropping all assistance except humanitarian aid."

5. 31 March 2008:

There is the "possibility of a coup de etat by the army commanders in the wake of a surprise victory by the Oppostion MDC Tsavangirai party overthe ruling party Zanu PF and its presidential candidate, Robert Mugabe.

"Today's signs can be cross referenced to earlier statements made by the commander of Zimbabwe's army, General Constantine Chiwenga that 'Elections are coming and the army will not support or salute sell-outs and agents of the West before, during and after the presidential elections,...We will not support anyone other than President Mugabe who has sacrificed a lot for this country.'" - COUP plot fears mount, as election results delay.

6. "President Robert Mugabe made a down payment of US$1 million to an Israeli company with Mossad connections at the beginning of this month to help him rig the elections.

"The balance of U$1,5 million is due as soon as Mugabe has been sworn in for another term, The Zimbabwean on Sunday can reveal.

"Details of the deal were leaked to us on Friday from the president’s own office, substantiating reports by the MDC of Israeli involvement in the elections.

"Impeccable sources revealed that the spy agency had initially asked for US$3 million to secure Mugabe another term but ended up settling for US$2,5 million after negotiations with Mugabe’s emissaries, including Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono and CIO bosses..." -
Mugabe pays US$2,5 million to rigging experts



Formula One boss Max Mosley 'exposed as sadomasochist in Nazi orgy with five prostitutes'

Max Mosley takes a beating

"According to statistics from the Bihar state assembly, an incredible 2068 children were recorded as having been kidnapped between July 2003 and 2007." - A nine-year-old is found - but where are the hundreds of other ...

Soeharto Family Wins Supersemar Case

Repeated US air strikes in Basra and Baghdad

Global food prices rise and famine increases

Muslims outnumber Catholics across the world for the first time

Hillary Clinton flings the dirt but...

Labour's 187 broken promises on playing field sales


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Why Not?

Efraim Diversoli... why not state that he is a Jew?

US gave $300m arms contract to 22-year-old with criminal record

Turkey's disintegrating democracy


Food shortage - The crisis felt around the world

Brown gets it wrong again

Israel's candidate? - Senior Democrats mull Al Gore's nomination



The 101 most useful websites

Blair's failure in Northern ireland -"Political power in Northern Ireland now effectively belongs to a republican Tonton Macoute, and a semi-religious political sect...

"They have no consensus or programme. They spend, but they cannot rule: and meanwhile, so-called 'peace-lines', 12ft walls, have spread through Belfast like fissures in a cracked plate.

"Ten years ago there were 18 of them: now there are 40, in all, 13 miles long, keeping Catholic and Protestant not merely physically apart, but blissfully invisible to one another." - Staring into Northern Ireland's moral abyss

Terrorism: Is the IRA run by the British security services?

Assassination? "Let's not forget that one person has already been murdered who was reluctantly involved in approving a CIA kidnapping / rendition in Denmark ...Of course the Bromma airport incident in Sweden on December 18th 2001, is the most interesting of cases where approval was given because the lady (Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh) who gave the approval for the kidnapping was murdered in public nearly two years later." - Michael Todd - Dead Men tell no Tales - The living are silent as well ... what happened to cop who investigated UK collusion in CIA Renditions ?

Scotland's energy resources -The London government "will plunder nearly £40million a year in 'windfall' profits from Scotland’s renewable energy industry...

"In a move similar to the one which saw billions of revenue from Scottish oil fields diverted to London, the Crown Estate will levy a 'stealth tax' for every megawatt generated offshore.

"It will also demand onshore power stations pay for grid connections and carbon capture facilities.

"And the Estate will charge green energy firms rent for wind and wave turbine sites and for the subsea cables needed to export electricity to England and other countries...

"The Crown Estate owns the foreshore and seabed around the UK to a distance of 12 nautical miles. It also has further rights out to the extent of Britain’s continental shelf, at 200 miles." - CHANCELLOR’S £40MILLION ENERGY RAID

Scotland: How black gold was hijacked: North sea oil and the ...


aangirfan: Proof of London lies about Scotland's oil wealth



Top UK policeman Mike Todd could have been saved on Snowdon, says Mountain rescue boss Peter Walker. Walker claims that a mysterious group of dark-suited men, believed to be from the security services, were seen at the bottom of Mount Snowdon after Mr Todd's body was found. A mystery Chinook helicopter appeared above the body - but could not land. - 'Suicide' police chief: Why didn't they call us earlier say rescue services?

Duty-free store detective became Heathrow security chief - and she lives with airport boss

Jowell the hypocrite: Minister backs demo to save post office despite voting in Parliament for its closure

Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'

Possible Counterterrorist Suspects in Mike Todd Killing


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Assassinations - Robert Kennedy, Hariri, Jack Kennedy, Diana etc

Video - Robert Kennedy

"The death of Rafiq Hariri ... on February 14th 2005....It is essential to understand that the bombings .... to do with Jeffrey Feltman, the US ambassador in Lebanon, who has just moved on to Turkey. Feltman was an acolyte of British born Jew, Martin Indyk when he was US Ambassador to Israel ... Who paid for Shrillary's lesbian palalong Huma Abidan's trips to Israel..." - 'Lebanon - UN's 10th useless fucking report on Israeli murder of Hariri and the NATO/US base at Qlieat is coming along just fine.'

aangirfan: Kennedy assassination


aangirfan: Accusations that the CIA murdered Benazir Bhutto

aangirfan: Diana, Palestinians, arms deals and 9 11.

aangirfan: Willie MacRae

aangirfan: William McRae & Hilda Murrell



Video - Iraq

Senator Casey's endorsement gives Obama big boost in Pennsylvania

US House sales increase 3%, prices 8-11% down in last 12 months - Vegas / Miami in meltdown

The Banker's Money Pit swallows helicopter funds at an increasing and alarming rate. When do the Fed and the BOE run out of paper and printing ink ?

"Tehran doesn't have the military wherewithal to expel the Americans, and Washington cannot remove Iran's allies from power. The latter not only control the country's politics, but also run their own militia inside the interior and foreign ministries. Shia organisations such as the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, Al-Daawa Party, Al-Fadila Party and the Sadr current have one thing in common -- they are all loyal to Tehran." - Who's winning in Iraq?

The Commander in Chief celebrates the aerial bombing of Iraq at "Wright-Patt"

"The United States embassy in Zimbabwe confirmed in 1999 the US was involved in obtaining a safe haven for the former Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam.The embassy said in a statement that then Assistant Secretary of State Hank Cohen had been involved in negotiations which resulted in Mengistu arriving in Harare in 1991." - Mengistu - the sinister power behind Mugabe's throne

Pakistan security services - Lashkar takes over D-Company

CIA sponsored, funded and organised Tibetan Freedom Torch Relay 2008 on April 6th cannot be stopped by Prime Minister - OFFICIAL

Somalia sinks into greater chaos as Islamist insurgents gain ground

Dutch MP Geert Wilders claims to be all about freedom of expression - but is he about to engulf Britain in a holy war?

German theatre to stage Satanic Verses

Rumours concerning President Mubarak's health - Pending appeal

Secret Stasi pornographic films found

"Figures released by a Home Office select committee earlier this month revealed that at least 2,000 pupils were unaccounted for in England last year." - Stop them going missing

UK Indymedia - US/NATO military shipping heroin out of Afghanistan

The International Narcotics Control Strategy Report: area of land in Afghanistan used to cultivate opium poppies (1) year 2001 - 1,685 hectares (2) year 2002 - 30,750 hectares (3) year 2007 - 193,000 hectares. Afghanistan now produces 93% of the world's heroin.

It's easy for soldiers to score heroin in Afghanistan Salon News

How anti-corruption chief once sold heroin in Las Vegas World ...

Cyprus - inaction, a building boom, lack of investment ... droughts, lead to predictable water shortages / rationing


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Britain's Violent Youth

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1. According to TIME Magazine, 28 March 2008 (Time magazine highlights Britain's violent youth / Britain's Out-of-Control Kids) :

"Last year more than a fifth of Britons avoided going out at night rather than risk encounters with a .... form of terror: groups of children. Britons are frightened of their own young...

"Violent offenses by British under-18s rose 37% in the three years to 2006...

"In 2000, Euan Blair, the son of the Prime Minister, was arrested for being 'drunk and incapable.'

"Twenty-seven teenagers were murdered in London last year by youths wielding guns or knives...

2. In FAMILIES WITHOUT FATHERHOOD, Norman Dennis & George Erdos argue that the decline of the family has led to an increase in crime.

According to a study in 2000 by the OECD, British parents spend less time with their children compared to other nationalities, 'leaving them more open to influence from their peers and a commercially driven, celebrity-obsessed media'. (Britain's Out-of-Control Kids)

In family homes, in schools, and on the street, young British yobs are being allowed to get away with it?

3. Youth crime in places like SINGAPORE, MALTA and BHUTAN used to be extremely rare.

The introduction of nasty films, and other media, has changed all that.

Crime figures in Singapore, Malta and Bhutan, although still lower than in Britain, tended to rise at the same time as horrid media material was introduced.

"Four years ago, Bhutan, the fabled Himalayan Shangri-la, became the last nation on earth to introduce television. Suddenly a culture, barely changed in centuries, was bombarded by 46 cable channels. And all too soon came Bhutan's first crime wave - murder, fraud, drug offences.",3605,975769,00.html

4. Part of the problem is the incompetent UK criminal justice system.

In Stirling, in the UK, a man caught a 10-year-old throwing stones at windows. The man hauled the kid into his girlfriend's house to tell him off. The man, not the child, was fined £250 (Daily Record 7/12/00)

The Glasgow Herald reported, "The trial of 3 men accused of assault was haulted because a signature was missing from the charge sheet..."

3 trials involving drugs charges collapsed because of search warrant blunders...

In THE FAILURE OF BRITAIN'S POLICE, Dennis and Erdos report that in December 2002 there were 282 robberies of personal property in Lambeth.

This figure, for one borough for one month, exceeded all robberies, personal and business, for the whole of England and Wales in any year between the two world wars, with the exception of 1932 (342) and 1938 (287).

In 1971 there were 17 reported crimes for every police officer. There are now 44.

In 1921 there were 57,000 police officers dealing with 103,000 crimes - two to each officer.

But in 2002/2003 134,000 police officers had to deal with 5,899,000 crimes.

1921 - 103,000 crimes recorded
1955 - 500,000 crimes recorded
2003 - 5,899,000 crimes recorded

5. Think of an area where the streets are covered in discarded chewing gum, plastic bags and vomit; an area where young people commit acts of drunken vandalism. You can be pretty sure that there will be no police around. You can be pretty sure that in police HQ there will be too many middle managers and top managers sitting around drinking tea.

Now think of an area where there is a visible police presence; an area where you see your local friendly policemen on patrol.

Some of Scotland's most crime-ridden areas have seen crime rates fall by a fifth since old-fashioned police street patrols were introduced. (bobbies on the beat do cut crime)

In Glasgow, in 2007, serious assaults fell by 38 % in city-centre zones that were given extra police foot patrols at nights and weekends.

Edinburgh has seen a similar success.

Jackie Muller, secretary of the federation's Lothian and Borders branch, is quoted as saying: "My membership are telling me they would be able to give a better service to the public if they were out in the communities in which they serve."

According to The Scotsman newspaper, "much of the cost of upping front-line officer numbers in Glasgow will come from a reduction of middle-management officers, such as superintendents, at Strathclyde Police's headquarters in the city."

The Scottish Government, now run by the Scottish National Party, has said it will fund 500 additional officers, with another 500 being funded by cutting red tape and dissuading other staff from retiring.


The US government in bed with the 9 11 'hijackers'

Osama bin Laden, in Oxford, on the far right.

It came as a shock to some people that the Bin Ladens were close family friends of the Bush family. (aangirfan: The bin Laden Family)

George Washington's blog asks about the relationship between the US government and the 9/11 Hijackers? ( George Washington's Blog: Did the Government 'Entrap' the 9 11 hijackers?.)

Ali Mohamed

1. According to George Washington: Ali Mohamed was one of al-Qaeda’s top trainers in terrorism and a very close associate of Bin Laden.

Ali Mohamed was an American citizen who was an operative for the FBI, the CIA, and the Army (see also this article from one of Canada's largest newspapers).

While he was acting as an FBI informant, he smuggled Bin Laden in and out of Afghanistan, helped plan the attacks on US embassies in Africa, and apparently played a pivotal role in planning 9/11.

Xymphora wrote: "it becomes impossible not to see Ali Mohamed as a U. S. Army intelligence agent.

"If he was a U. S. Army intelligence agent, and was protected by the U. S. government even after his participation in terrorist activities, he proves that it is possible to simultaneously be a U. S. agent and a member of al-Qaeda."


2. George Washington points out that Luai Sakra was an Al Qaeda operative and a CIA informant

aangirfan: Sakka / Sakra / Saqa worked for the CIA and trained the ...

Ramzi Yousef

Ramzi Ahmed Yousef (or Ramzi Mohammed Yousef) is the nephew of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (aangirfan: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and go-go girls)

George Washington points out the following: In an article on the nephew of the supposed key mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Newsday reported in 1995: “FBI officials also are considering a probe of whether the CIA had any relationship with [the nephew], who fought with the CIA-financed mujaheddin in Afghanistan in the 1980s.” A classified FBI file also reportedly indicated that the nephew had been recruited by the local branch of the CIA (pages 220-221)

George Washington continues:

4. The Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11 discovered that an FBI informant had hosted and rented a room to two hijackers in 2000 and that, when the Inquiry sought to interview the informant, the FBI refused outright, and then hid him in an unknown location, and that a high-level FBI official stated these blocking maneuvers were undertaken under orders from the White House (confirmed here by the Co-Chair of the Joint Inquiry and former Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Bob Graham; and see this Newsweek article)

5. The president of Pakistan said that one of the masterminds of 9/11 was an MI6 (British intelligence services) agent

6. The former president of Italy said that U.S. and Israeli intelligence services were behind the 9/11 attack, and that that fact is widely known by the intelligence services of all of the western nations

7. According to intelligence officials in India, Pakistan's military chief of intelligence wired $100,000 to the lead hijacker days before 9/11 (mentioned here in a news roundup). This is especially interesting because: That particular chief of intelligence was appointed to that position with the approval of the U.S., and the intelligence chief had held "consultations" with his U.S. counterparts at the CIA and the Pentagon during the week prior to September 11

8. 11 of the hijackers received visas to the U.S. through a consular office where, according to the former head of that office, the CIA routinely insisted that visas be granted to terrorists, even when their visa applications should have been rejected under standard operating procedure

9. According to one of France's most reputable newspapers, the CIA met with Bin Laden in an American hospital in Dubai in July 2001

10. And several of the hijackers apparently trained at U.S. military bases prior to 9/11

And then there is Al Zawahiri of the CIA - aangirfan: Al-Zawahri - alQaeda's chief brains and strategist


aangirfan: The classic false flag operation.

aangirfan: Classic Double Agents in False Flag Operations



Just Amazing

Israel Makes American Passports "Just amazing: not only is the guy put in charge of America's security an Israeli citizen, it turns out that the Jews in Israel also got control of the production of our passports!" - TO READ MORE CLICK HERE

"As Iceland goes, so go the Baltics, the Balkans, Hungary, Turkey, and perhaps South Africa. All are living far beyond their means, plugging the gaping holes in their accounts with fickle flows of foreign finance." - Iceland contagion may spread far and wide

Hungary - A Magyar mess

Argentina's taxes on food exports - Killing the pampas's golden calf


Scottish independence

Letters to The Scotsman, 27 March 2008, about Scottish independence (Hopes for independence do not signify regression but 21st-century ...):

1. "Gordon Brown claims that independence would mean 'retreat into 19th-century nationalism' (report, 25 March).

"This is odd, from someone who supports the independence of Kosovo. May I remind him that 16 European countries have gained their independence since 1991.

"He states that there are no Scotland-Wales-England-only solutions to transnational challenges. Well how does the Republic of Ireland or any other independent country cope?

"Mr Brown claims there are advantages of our economic union. How does he explain the fact, that Ireland has a far greater GDP per capita and far greater ranking on the quality of life index?

"Furthermore, he states that within the UK; we share common values. How do the values of western Europe or those of Australia, New Zealand and Canada differ from the UK?

"He claims that the Union is not about partnership at the expense of pride. Though it results in Scotland being seen as a region and not a country, around the world." - THOMAS MURRAY, Cairns Crescent, Perth

2. "Gordon Brown talks of retreating into 19th-century nationalism. I would remind him that Scotland has been in retreat for the last 300 years in a provincial backwater from which it is showing signs of desiring to emerge into 21st-century national independence.

"The so-called unionist parties are getting together to talk of surveying devolution with, among other things, greater powers to raise its own finance. How they expect to reach that goal without independence I cannot see." - (REV) JAMES McL RITCHIE, Croft-an-Righ, Edinburgh


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Dirk Bogarde

Dirk Bogarde (1921-1999) made women swoon.

He was once Britain's most famous actor.

In 1939, while working in theatre, Bogarde met Anthony Forwood.

When Forwood's marriage to actress Glynis Johns came to an end, Forewood became Bogarde’s partner.

During the Second World War, Bogarde was decorated for bravery and achieved the rank of major.

During the 1950s, Bogarde starred in a number of films including: Doctor in the House (1954), Doctor at Sea (1955), The Spanish Gardener (1956), Doctor at Large (1957), A Tale of Two Cities (1958), The Doctor's Dilemma.

Bogarde became Britain's leading box-office star.

Dirk Bogarde never married and was reported to be homosexual.[2]

He shared his homes, first in Amersham, England, then in France with Anthony Forwood.

Dirk Bogarde's brother Gareth Van den Bogaerde 'confirmed in a 2004 interview that Bogarde was engaging in homosexual sex at a time when such acts were illegal, and also that his long-term relationship with Tony Forwood was more than simply that of a manager and friend.' [3]

In 1961, Dirk Bogarde played the part of a homosexual barrister in the film Victim.

The barrister has had a relationship with a young man. The barrister takes on a group of blackmailers and thus puts at risk his career and his marriage.

Victim helped lead to the decriminalization of male homosexuality in 1967.

Victim was not shown in many of the larger cinemas and it did put off some of Bogarde's fans. (Dirk Bogarde)

In 1963, Bogarde played the part of the rather gay valet in Joseph Losey's The Servant.

In the mid-1960s, Bogarde moved to Provence in the South of France, where he lived with Tony Forwood.

In 1971, Bogarde played the part of Aschenbach in Luchino Visconti's Death in Venice , based on Thomas Mann's novella. Aschenbach becomes obsessed with a beautiful boy.

Other films include Visconti's The Damned (1969), Liliana Cavani's The Night Porter (1974), and Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Despair (1978).

In the 1980's Bogarde began writing books, both autobiography and novels, the first being A Postillion Struck by Lightning.
Bogarde was knighted in 1992.

He was the first actor to act the part of a sympathetic gay character in British film.

The Official Dirk Bogarde Website

Weapons Contracts, Oil Profits, Narcotics, Fascism

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Lap dancers and mafia

Photo of Las vegas from:

165 page report on Las Vegas and child sex trafficking

Report Labels Las Vegas a Hub of Child Sexual Trafficking

Report: Las Vegas a Hub for Child Sex Trafficking

Las Vegas means lap dancers and Mafia. Las Vegas means the Dunes Hotel, blown up using controlled implosion.

Van Romero, Vice President for Research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, says the collapse of the TWIN TOWERS on 11/9/01 resembled those of controlled implosions used in planned demolitions. He says the detonations could have been caused by a small amount of explosive put in more than two points in each of the towers (

Who blew up the DUNES Hotel in Las Vegas? It was a Maryland firm called Controlled Demolition Group.Who has the contract to clear up the mess after the attack on the World Trade Centre? It's Controlled Demolition Group.

Atta and Ziad, and other 'hijackers', visited Las Vegas at least six times. There they enjoyed the charms of lap dancer Samantha ( and The Chronicle). There was also drink and gambling. - Cached

The Strip starts a rust belt - Las Vegas dreams foreclosed

Ron Paul - Washington's good doctor

Bushes and Pitts in Obama's family tree

US moves towards engaging Iran

Pakistan leaders give US warning

Cool Reception for Envoys in Pakistan

India all at sea over US defense ties

Russia and Egypt sign nuclear energy pact

The CIA pretends that "Curveball" fooled German Intelligence, and the CIA, about Iraqi WMDs; the BBC's Newsnight supports this CIA lie? - Newsnight Documentaries now produced by Walter Mitty section of the CIA - "Curveball"

'Shrillary Rodham , her lesbian palalong Huma Abedin and the Tata connection ..Ford giveaway Jaguar and Range Rover'

Hillary's Other Fabrication

VOTE FRAUD? - In the UK, South Tyneside's most senior election official, Brian T Scott has publicly apologised for the loss of 18 ballot boxes in an election last year. - Election officer slams missing ballot boxes claims / Missing ballot boxes row - claims and denials

Four members of 'lost' Peruvian tribe die after 'being infected with common cold by British TV crew'

Commonwealth soldier who fought with British Army in Iraq is denied UK passport - because he was serving abroad

Spanish paedophile arrested for murder of girl 'to be quizzed' over Madeleine McCann's disappearance / Madeleine McCann's want police to investigate Spanish paedophile

How English as we know it is disappearing ... to be replaced by 'Panglish'

No crunch for banker paid £36m


Lenny Harper, Jersey's Deputy Police Chief, is to retire in September 2008.

Lenny Harper, Jersey's Deputy Police Chief, is to retire in September 2008.


"It could be years before the Jersey children's home case is wound up, according to the former Lothian and Borders officer heading the island's police force." - Jersey police chief expects abuse case to take years - Scotsman ...


"It has been well known among indigenous islanders that the most senior politicians, most senior lawyers and police 'enjoyed' an immunity from prosecution as Freemasons within the island of Jersey - the largest of the Channel Islands. Since Freemasonry and its secret rituals took over in Jersey as the only way to secure power - the link between paedophila and power has gone hand in hand." - Cached


Freemasons, Jesters, Jersey - Cached


Poor communities bear the high cost of Platinum

The CIA in Tibet

The 'People Power' which toppled people like Marcos, the Shah, Suharto and Ceaucesceau, was largely the work of the security services, including the CIA. (aangirfan: PEOPLE POWER - CIA CONNECTION)

Asia Times, 25 March 2008, has an article by Richard Bennett (intelligence and security consultant, AFI Research) about Tibet, the 'great game' and the CIA

Bennett claims that the CIA is deeply involvement with the Free Tibet Movement and funds Radio Free Asia.

Bennett writes that 'it would seem somewhat unlikely that any revolt could have been planned or occurred without the prior knowledge, and even perhaps the agreement, of the National Clandestine Service (formerly known as the Directorate of Operations) at CIA headquarters in Langley.'

According to Bennett:

1. Former senior Indian Intelligence officer, B Raman, stated on March 21 that "on the basis of available evidence, it was possible to assess with a reasonable measure of conviction" that the initial uprising in Lhasa on March 14 "had been pre-planned and well orchestrated".

2. The US government may be the main beneficiary of the Tibet unrest.

3. In 1956, the CIA began a covert action campaign against the Chinese in Tibet.

This led to an uprising in 1959 which left tens of thousands of Tibetans dead and forced Dalai Lama to flee.

4. The CIA set up a secret military training camp for Tibetan resistance fighters at Camp Hale, Colorado, in the USA.

5. The US-trained guerrillas carried out raids into Tibet, sometimes led by CIA-contract mercenaries and supported by CIA planes.

6. In the mid-1960s, the CIA set up the Chusi Gangdruk, a force of around 2,000 guerrilla fighters, at bases in Nepal. This base was closed in 1974 due to Chinese pressure on Nepal.

7. In the 1960s, the CIA began working with the Indian intelligence services in training and supplying agents in Tibet. The CIA-Indian cooperation is described in Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison book The CIA's Secret War in Tibet.

8. US support for the Tibetan guerrillas is supposed to have ended when Richard Nixon met the Chinese communist leadership in Beijing in February 1972.

9. It is rumored that the CIA were involved in the failed Tibetan revolt in October 1987.

10. The CIA still funds much of the Tibetan Freedom movement.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hilary Clinton under fire

Join the army and we will send you to carry out imperialist occupation

UK teachers are to launch a campaign against military recruitment campaigns that employ "misleading propaganda" in schools. (Stop recruiting in schools, teachers tell MoD)

Paul McGarr told a teachers' conference: "Personally I find it difficult to imagine any recruitment material that is not misleading. Let's just try and imagine what that recruitment material would have to say were it not to be misleading.

"We would have material from the MoD saying

'Join the army and we will send you to carry out the imperialist occupation of other people's countries. Join the Army and we will send you to bomb, shoot and possibly torture fellow human beings in other countries'.


Louise Jensen

In Cyprus, in 1994, three British soldiers kidnapped, raped and murdered a girl called Louise Jensen.

Louise was repeatedly raped and then beaten to death with a shovel.

On 27 March 1996, the three soldiers were convicted of abduction, rape and manslaughter and sentenced to life imprisonment. (Louise Jensen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

They were released in August 2006 after spending only a few years in custody.

On 3 February 2008, nine British troops serving in Cyprus were arrested and charged after allegedly smashing up a pub and attacking locals in the holiday resort of Ayia Napa.

Police said around 20 soldiers burst into the Bedrock pub in the southern coastal town and starting wrecking it. (Nine British soldiers arrested after Cyprus resort rampage)

This is at a time when the Cypriots are increasingly keen to kick the British military out of Cyprus. (PLOTS IN CYPRUS)

Baha Mousa

Private Stuart Mackenzie was in Iraq in 2003 ( Diary of a squaddie: Sunburn, sore feet and three more Ali Babas ... ) He was attached to the Queen's Lancashire Regiment which ran the detention centre in which Iraqi hotel worker Baha Mousa was held before dying from the 93 injuries he sustained.

Mackenzie kept a diary and extracts were produced at the court martial of the seven soldiers who were acquitted of abusing prisoners.

Mackenzie wrote:

Leg and a winged [threw] Ali Baba into Shat al Arab [Shatt al-Arab canal] for stealing wood. Piss funny....

On 4 hour patrol - ... found anti-aircraft gun ... Horse bit me. Found 3 Ali Babas at WTP7. Beat them up with sticks and filmed it - good day so far...

House raid, for hours, nothing found. Caught 3 Ali Babas - beat fuck out of them in back of Saxon. 1 had a punctured lung + broken ribs + fingers. 1 had a dislocated shoulder + broken fingers...

The British military have a growing reputation for behaving like Nazis.

According to some historians, Britain bears “significant responsibility” since 1945 for the direct or indirect deaths of 8.6 million to 13.5 million people throughout the world from military interventions and at the hands of regimes strongly supported by Britain. (Unpeople, Dirty Wars and a Web of Deceit – Britain’s Foreign ...)

Harry Farr

During World War I, Britain executed 306 of its own soldiers, some as young as 14 years of age. (

From an article by Harvey Thompson at WSWS 16 November 1999:

A typical case is that of Harry Farr, who joined the British Expeditionary Force in 1914 and fought in the trenches.

His position was repeatedly shelled, and in May 1915 he collapsed with strong convulsions.

In hospital, his wife Gertrude—who was denied a widow's pension after the war—recalled, “he shook all the time. He couldn't stand the noise of the guns. We got a letter from him, but it was in a stranger's handwriting. He could write perfectly well, but couldn't hold the pen because his hand was shaking.”

It is now thought that Farr was possibly suffering from hypacusis, which occurs when the eardrums are so damaged that the auditory nerve becomes exposed, making loud noises physically unbearable. Despite this, Farr was sent back to the front and fought at the Somme. After several months of fighting, he requested to see a medical orderly but was refused.

In Farr's Court Martial papers, the Sergeant Major is quoted as saying “If you don't go up to the f*****g front, I'm going to f*****g blow your brains out” to which Farr simply replied “I just can't go on.”

The Court Martial was over in 20 minutes. Harry Farr had to defend himself. General Haig signed his death warrant and he was shot at dawn on October 16, 1916.

Prior to World War II, elements of the British military were fans of Hitler.

According to Admiral Sir Barry Domville, a pre-war head of UK Naval Intelligence, Hitler was "absolutely terrific."

Wing Commander Frederick Winterbottom, a pre-war head of MI6's air section, reportedly hoped Britain and Germany would unite against Stalin's Russia. (Hackitectura Advance - [History of M15)

Photo: British concentration camp.

Giles MacDonogh has written After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation. (A hellish peace)

According to MacDonogh's evidence, at the end of World War II, the British military and its allies went in for rape, torture and murder.

Ian Cobain, in The Guardian 17 December 2005 wrote about the secret torture centres set up by the British military after World War II - The interrogation camp that turned prisoners into living skeletons ...

One of the British torture centres was at Bad Nenndorf, near Hanover.

372 men and 44 women passed through the Bad Nenndorf torture centre during the 22 months it operated before its closure in July 1947.

A Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Tom Hayward, investigated Bad Nenndorf.

He describes how prisoners were systematically beaten and exposed to extreme cold; some were starved to death and, allegedly, tortured with instruments that his fellow countrymen had recovered from a Gestapo prison in Hamburg.

Many of the prisoners were simply German leftists.

Others were Germans living in the Russian zone who had crossed the line, offered to spy on the Russians, and were tortured to establish whether they were genuine defectors.

Published in The Guardian: archive pictures of German prisoners held by the British following the second world war. Photographs: Martin Argles. The postwar photographs that British authorities tried to keep ...

One of the men who was starved to death, Walter Bergmann, had offered to spy for the British, and fell under suspicion because he spoke Russian.

Another man who starved to death, Franz Osterreicher, had been arrested while attempting to enter the British zone in search of his gay lover.

Ingrid Groth, then a seven-year-old, said locals claimed that if you crept up to the barbed wire at night, you could hear the prisoners' screams.

The commanding officer was Robin "Tin Eye" Stephens of MI5.

The inmates were starved, woken during the night, and forced to walk up and down their cells from early morning until late at night. When moving about the prison they were expected to run, while soldiers kicked them.

Prisoners could be stripped and repeatedly doused in water. This punishment could continue for weeks, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Naked prisoners were handcuffed back-to-back and forced to stand before open windows in midwinter. Frostbite became common.

One victim of the cold cell punishment was anti-Nazi, he had spent two years as a prisoner of the Gestapo.

"I never in all those two years had undergone such treatments," he said.

Reportedly, the British military also got into bed with the Nazis.

After the war, "British authorities called off the hunt for the man who organised the Nazi Holocaust just 17 months after the end of World War II, files have revealed. The files relating to Adolf Eichmann were released by The National Archives. They show that at the time the decision was made, Eichmann was hiding in the British-controlled zone of Germany. He went to Argentina in 1950." - Eichmann search was ended early

Horst Kopkow, one of Hitler’s top spies, who ordered the murders of more than 100 British secret agents in concentration camps, was spared execution as a war criminal and went to work for MI6. Evidence emerged in the 1980s that Britain had become a refuge for suspected war criminals. -,,2-1611185,00.html

Historian Mark Curtis has written: 1. 'Unpeople: Britain’s Secret Human Rights Abuses' (2004) 2. 'Web of Deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World' (2003) Published by Vintage.

Paul Cochrane, at , 6 January 2005, (Unpeople, Dirty Wars and a Web of Deceit – Britain’s Foreign ...) reviewed Curtis's books.

He wrote:

According to new research, Britain bears “significant responsibility” since 1945 for the direct or indirect deaths of 8.6 million to 13.5 million people throughout the world from military interventions and at the hands of regimes strongly supported by Britain.

Curtis said he came up with the term “Unpeople” because he thought it adequately described the British government’s attitude towards people who are expendable in Britain’s pursuit of economic and political goals.

“Last year,” Curtis said in a phone interview, “there was a British army officer who was quoted in Iraq as saying the Americans view the Iraqis only as Untermenschen, the Nazi concept of subhuman. In a way, the British have no real different regard for Iraqis than Americans."

Mark Curtis says that in 1971 an official British investigation found that the British army's torture techniques "played an important part in counter-insurgency operations in Palestine, Malaya, Kenya, Cyprus and the British Cameroons (1960-1), Brunei (1963), British Guiana (1964), Aden (1964-7), Borneo/Malaysia (1965-6), the Persian Gulf (1970-1) and in Northern Ireland (1971)".

In KENYA, the British used beatings, sexual humiliation, hooding, sleep deprivation, and bombarding with white noise.

32 Whites were killed by the Mau Mau during the five-year state of emergency. More whites died in traffic accidents in the capital city, Nairobi.

Kenyans were forced into concentration camps and routinely tortured. Some 150,000 Africans died as a direct result of the British policy.

There was a "constant stream of reports of brutalities by police, military and home guards", wrote Canon Bewes, a British missionary. "Some of the people had been using castration instruments and two men had died under castration."

Other brutalities included slicing off ears, boring holes in eardrums, flogging people to death, pouring paraffin over suspects and setting them alight and burning eardrums with cigarettes.

A British district officer admitted, "There was outright abuse of power and some of the crimes committed were horrific. One day six Mau Mau suspects were brought into a police station in the neighbouring district to mine. The British police inspector in charge lined them up against a wall and shot them."

A mobile gallows travelled the country. Over 1,000 were hanged, their bodies displayed at crossroads and market places.


The British used terror in Malaya.

This involved aerial bombing, massacres of villagers, dictatorial police measures and the "resettlement" of hundreds of thousands of people.


During the state of emergency, from 1952 to 1957, the British army used torture.

Cypriot Nicos Koshies:

"They took me to the Special Branch and they started beating me. They took off all my clothes, they tied my hands and feet. They asked somebody to come in. He was taking a stick to put up my bottom, he was putting cloths in water and putting them on my face so I could not breathe, he threw me down and danced on my stomach when he was wearing boots. After 12 days I could not recognise myself."

James Callaghan in the House of Commons:

"On 29 June 1957 an inquest was held into the death of Nicos Georghiou. Dr Clearkin said in evidence that bruises in the head were sufficiently severe to have caused the injuries to the brain, perhaps bumping the head against a hard object."


In 1953 a coup organised by the British and the USA overthrew Mossadeq and gave power to the Shah.

British SAS forces trained the Shah's Savak secret police.

SAS officers helped train the Iranian army in special operations against the Kurds.

The Shah's regime used torture until it was overthrown in 1979.


In Aden, later known as South Yemen, SAS squads used terror against local villages.

An official investigation found that from 1964 to 1967 detainees at a British interrogation centre were routinely tortured. Their eardrums were burst.

Others were forced to lean against walls with their fingertips for day and subjected to white noise for hours.


Former detainees in Bahrain have described being beaten, electrocuted, whipped, tied in excruciating positions for days on end, kept awake, starved and having their toenails torn out.


The Compton official inquiry acknowledged that the army hooded suspects, fed them on just bread and water and blasted them with noise.

An Amnesty International report said, "It is because we regard the deliberate destruction of a man's ability to control his own mind with revulsion that we reserve a special place in our catalogue of moral crimes for techniques of thought control and brainwashing. Any interrogation procedure which has the purpose or effect of causing a malfunction or breakdown of a man's mental processes constitutes as grave an assault on the inherent dignity of the human person as more traditional techniques of physical torture."

A European human rights report found that British army techniques amounted to "inhuman and degrading treatment" causing "at least intense physical and mental suffering".


Mengele, Oswald, the CIA

Anglo-American fascism

aangirfan: The Intelligence Game - James Rusbridger


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