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Winslow Homer


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Winslow Homer (1836 – 1910) is one of America's most famous artists.

Richard G. Mann, writing about Winslow Homer, explained that Homer was a bachelor who seemed to prefer young males to young females.

Homer was close friends with artist Albert Kelsey.

In 1867, Homer and Kelsey traveled to Paris, where they lived together for the next two years.

While in Paris, Homer and Kelsey posed for a studio photograph, not dissimilar to a marriage portrait.

On the back of the photo, Kelsey wrote the names "Damon and Pythias," who were Greek lovers.

In the 1890s, Homer remembered their friendship in the 'erotically suggestive' drawing "Albert Kelsey riding a giant turtle in the Bahamas." (Winslow Homer)

From 1895 to 1910, Homer's chief buddy was Lewis Wright.

Wright, a black american, worked as Homer's live-in servant.

The red-haired "woman," depicted in some of Homer's paintings was actually a boy, whom Homer hired as a model. (Winslow Homer)


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