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What is Cuba really like?

Happy healthy Cuban - http://www.flickr.com/photos/silvergold/1093149506/

What is Cuba really like?

The Cuban people got sick and tired of the US puppet Batista and replaced him with Castro.

Castro refused to sell Cuban produce to US corporations at the same low prices Batista had sold them at.

This affected companies like PepsiCo and United Fruit.

Castro kicked the CIA out of Cuba.

Castro shut down the casinos operated by American mafioso.

The US has blockaded Cuba to starve it into accepting a US puppet.

(Would Somebody Finally Tell Me Why Cuba Is My Enemy?)

Cuba is very much wealthier than Haiti which the USA tries to keep as a sort of colony.

Cuba is very much safer than Jamaica which has its drugs gangs.

"Compared to neighboring Haiti, the favelas of Brazil or even post-Katrina New Orleans, for that matter, Cuba is Switzerland...

"I don't compare Cuba with Sweden, France, Lichtenstein or Canada. I compare it with Jamaica, Brazil and... Mississippi. It comes off quite well in comparison with other territories in the 'arc of slavery'". - David Seaton's News Links

Cuba supplies doctors to Venezuela, and Venezuela supplies oil to Cuba.

In Cuba life expectancy is 76 years for men and 80 years for women. (UN)

Life expectancy in the Calton district of Glasgow in the UK is 54. ( In Iraq, life expectancy is 67. Minutes from Glasgow city centre ... )

"Mr Castro's supporters point out that he used his power to give Cubans world-class health and education services...

"Many Cubans praise their free health and education services." - (The Economist The comandante's last move )

Many Cubans make extra money from small market gardens, running taxi services and other small businesses. ( The comandante's last move )

There is no malnutrition in Cuba. (The Economist 21 February 2008 The comandante's last move )

"The government announced in December (2007) that it would sign the United Nations covenants on human rights." (The comandante's last move)

Photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greenmapsystem/649445907/

Why must we all copy Cuba?

Cubans have high life expectancy and literacy. Cubans do not use much oil.

A study of 93 nations has found that only one nation - Cuba - is developing sustainably.

Cuba is the only nation which:

(1) provides a decent standard of living for its people and

(2) does not consume more than its fair share of the world's resources.

New Scientist (World failing on sustainable development - earth - 03 October 2007 ... / Cuba Flies Lone Flag for Sustainability - Indymedia Ireland) provides the details:

"An international team led by Mathis Wackernagel of the Global Footprint Network looked at how the living conditions and ecological footprints of 93 nations have changed in the last 30 years.

"They used the ecological footprint (EF) index, a tool devised in 1993 by Wackernagel and William Rees, his PhD supervisor at the University of British Columbia, Canada. EF quantifies the area of land required to provide the infrastructure used by a person or a nation, the food and goods they consume, and to reabsorb the waste they produce, using available technology."

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Anonymous said...

No. Cuba is a shithole. Its people live in fear, nothing works, and if you speak out against the government, you "disappear". Yes, there's less crime than Jamaica, they grow all their own vegetables, and they don't have the poverty levels of Haiti, but as a model for the rest of the world? Don't make me laugh! DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!

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