Tuesday, February 19, 2008

UK military's links to gangsters

According to newspaper reports, British soldiers from 5 Battalion, the Royal Regiment of Scotland, 'have been making a fortune selling machine gun and rifle bullets, grenades and flares to crooks in Glasgow.' (Scottish Soldiers Accused Of 'Selling Ammo To Gangsters')

Police officers from Kent and Strathclyde have raided Howe Barracks in Canterbury, Kent, and made a number of arrests.

The arrests were made in the same week that defence chiefs were criticised at two inquest for failing to ensure that British soldiers had the equipment they needed.

Two of the soldiers arrested 'head up the battalion's crack Reconnaissance Platoon, who deal closely with Army intelligence.' (Army Ammo Used In Gangland Execution)

It is claimed the police have smashed a major weapons-dealing ring. (Army Ammo Used In Gangland Execution)

Ammunition used in a Mafia-style gangland hit have been traced by the police back to the barracks of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (5 Batallion), now part of the the Royal regiment of Scotland.(Army Ammo Used In Gangland Execution)

In November 2007, 17 soldiers from the Argylls failed drug tests. Seven soldiers from the Argylls tested positive for cocaine in January 2008.

The Argylls are among 1,000 soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Scotland due to leave next month for Afghanistan.


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