Monday, February 04, 2008


CIA destabilisation of Venezuela?
"Large anti-government, food distribution companies have been: (1) destroying large quantities of food in landfill dumps (2) illegally smuggling large quantities of Venezuelans’ price-controlled, basic foods into Colombia for profit and (3) hoarding food in secret warehouses in order to create food shortages for Venezuelan’s poor. - Food Sovereignty: Fighting the “creeping coup” in Venezuela

Google Trends and Ron Paul -

"With the reemergence of the shadowy Fatah Al Islam organization, which has been linked to Saudi Prince Bandar, Saad Al-Hariri, the Mossad and neocon Elliot Abrams, it becomes clear that the pre-invasion of Lebanon scenario from last summer has nearly been reset. Bush laid claim to Lebanon with his recent executive order criminalizing criticism of US/Israeli actions in Lebanon, just as he did with the previous one on Iraq." - Cutting Cables, Lighting Fuses


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