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Philip Martin Bailhache and Haut de la Garenne in Jersey

"Media reporting of the breaking child abuse and murder scandal in Jersey have conspicuously omitted to mention that Governor of the Jersey Home for Boys (Haut de la Garenne) during the 1970s and 1980s was the island's current Bailiff, Sir Philip Martin Bailhache KGB.

"Local residents have leaked this onto Channel Islands forums, and threads are being closed as quick as you can find them by moderators mindful of libel laws and the fact that very little is known for sure about this horrific story to date." - UK Indymedia - State-protected paedophile ring in Jersey?


"Figures connected to Jersey’s establishment are among those accused of abusing children in the Haut de la Garenne care home, the island’s police chief has revealed.

"Chief Officer Graham Power said that because of the size of the island - which has a population of around 90,000 - it was “inevitable” that those in positions of power were implicated.

"As well as people at the home, he said, there were allegations about outsiders who abused children living there." - 'Possible suspects had positions of authority'


Hopefully, Jersey is not like Belgium.

Reporetdly, Michel Nihoul organised orgies in a Belgian chateau.

These orgies were allegedly attended by a former European commissioner, judges, senior politicians, lawyers and policemen.

A book was written called 'The X-files: What Belgium Was Not Supposed to Know About the Dutroux Affair.'

Regina Louf testified to the authorities about orgies at which she allegedly saw children tortured and murdered.

The allegation in the X-files is that, at Black masses, attended by members of Belgium's elite, children were sacrificed.

At the village of Forchies-la-Marche, the police investigated an institute of Black Magic. They dug up human skulls.

The International Herald Tribune did a famous piece about all this. They quoted a judge called Guy Poncelet as saying the X-files book was convincing. Belgium Pedophilia Scandal /Did Authorities Cover Up Its Scope ...

Guy Poncelet's son, a police officer, was mysteriously shot dead.

This son had been investigating a case involving Dutroux.

Judge Connerotte was the judge who caught Dutroux.

The authorities removed Connerotte from the case.

De Baets was the official in charge of investigating the X-files. The authorities removed him from the case.

In 1991, Belgium's former deputy prime minister, Andre Cools, announced that he was about to make some revelations about the mafia and their links to some of the most important people in Liege.

Cools was shot dead before he could speak out.

After Dutroux's arrest in 1996, arrests were made in the Cool's case. One of those arrested was Alain Van der Biest, a Socialist Minister, alleged to have close links with the mafia gangs of Liege.
Belgian TV came up with an anonymous witness who claimed that leading Socialist politician, Guy Mathot, had ordered Cools to be killed.

In 1994 Mathot was charged with corruption over kickbacks paid to Belgium's Socialist parties.

Willy Claes was NATO Secretary General and a Belgian. He was caught up in the Mathot kickbacks affair and was forced to resign.

Melchior Wathelet was the judge who released Dutroux from prison in 1991. Wathelet was Belgium's judge at the European Court of Justice.

Wathelet was Belgium's Justice Minister at the time when Cools was shot dead. Cools' son called for Wathelet and other top judges to be removed from office.

In 1996 there were suggestions that the gangs involved in the Cools' killing had been involved with Dutroux.

1,300 children disappeared in the Brussels region between 1991 and 1996. According to government official Mr De Baets, what happened after several of these disappearances was that Marc Dutroux paid large sums of money into various bank accounts.

The BBC referred to other mysterious deaths:

aangirfan: Marc Dutroux


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