Tuesday, February 19, 2008


"The pro-Musharraf Pakistan Muslim League-Q appeared crushed, if the official outcome matches the unofficial results coming out last night. Key aides of Mr. Musharraf lost their seats." - Pakistanis reject Musharraf rule

aangirfan: The death of Bhutto; Mossad and the CIA.

The Assassination Of Barack Hussein Obama...Can It Be Stopped?

Israeli Major General Doron Almog, wanted for alleged war crimes, was flown back to Israel after UK police officers refused to board his plane in September 2005. - Police feared 'airport stand-off'

BBC - Official Press Release from the Conspiraloon™ Alliance

J7 Exclusive: Peter Power's CV Fakery

Ludicrous Diversion - LD refuse BBC Conspiracy Files offer

Children for Sale on Craigslist

Would independence be velvet divorce from UK?


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