Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Next 9/11 - Houston, Chicago and Portland.

"The US military has designated Texas, Indiana and Oregon as three of its four target states in the 2008 version of its Noble Resolve military exercises."

Chicago is quite close to Indiana, and has been used to stage forces for terror exercises conducted in Chicago in recent years. - False Flag Prospects, 2008 -- Top Three US Target Cities

Osama bin London - Sleeper Cell or Dozy Bastards?

Mohammed Hamid and MI6

Why lose Egypt?

Egypt starts controversial gas exports to Israel

Miliband has made Lockerbie appeal a mockery of justice

US moves to expand its role in Pakistan - ready for an attack on Iran?

Turkey is being persuaded to join an attack on Iran...

Food shortages loom as wheat crop shrinks and prices rise

What is Cuba really like?

Child abuse in the UK: Jersey, Kincora, North Wales...


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paul said...

Once again, thanks for the link. With support like this I am confident we shall soon make the leap from complete anonymity to relative obscurity.
Keep up your own much appreciated work.

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