Friday, February 15, 2008

Lofti Raissi

Lofti Raissi

The planners of 9 11, within the security services of various countries, needed Moslem patsies.

Ten days after 9 11, Lofti Raissi was arrested in London and accused of being the main flight instructor of Mohammad Atta and three other hijackers.

Raissi, an Algerian pilot, was the first person to be accused of involvement in 9 11.

He was held in a cell for 23 hours a day at Belmarsh prison.

An FBI source said, “We believe he is by far the biggest find we have had so far. He is of crucial importance to us.” (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/29/2001)

He was arrested before the new extradition arrangements under the Extradition Act 2003 came into force. (Algerian wrongly accused of training 9/11 pilots can claim compensation)

So he was not removed to the USA to be tortured into giving a false confession.

In 2002 a brave British judge ruled that there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever to connect Raissi with terrorism. He was released from prison.

US officials had originally said about Raissi that, “They had video of him with Hani Hanjour, who allegedly piloted the plane that crashed into the Pentagon; records of phone conversations between the two men; evidence that they had flown a training plane together; and evidence that Raissi had met several of the hijackers in Las Vegas.

"It turned out, the British court found, that the video showed Raissi with his cousin, not Mr. Hanjour, that Raissi ... had never flown with Hanjour, and that Raissi and the hijackers were not in Las Vegas at the same time. The US authorities never presented any phone records showing conversations between Raissi and Hanjour. It appears that in this case the US authorities handed over all the information they had…” [Christian Science Monitor, 3/27/2002; Guardian, 9/26/2005]

Raissi asked why no one has gone to the FBI and said: "Why did you lie about the video in which you said Raissi was filmed with one of the hijackers? Where is it now, and why can't we see it?" (Lofti Raissi)


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