Saturday, February 02, 2008


Video - CIA

Societe Generale - Bush's billionaire friend sold £100m of shares just days before scandal broke

Portuguese police: We were too quick to make McCann's suspects

The British justice system - Hubritic Anomaly: British Ambassador Demands Russians Break the Law

Obama - "I recalled how we had all been fooled in the early Clinton years by the twaddle about the 'Man from Hope' - a legend in which Bill had grown up among poor, denim-clad folks in a small country town.

"Years later, when someone bothered to check, it turned out Bill had barely been in Hope at all but had instead been raised in great comfort in Hot Springs, Al Capone's favourite holiday resort and still full of good-time girls, big Chevrolets and sleaze.

With Obama the problem is a little different, though Capone still comes into it." - For Americans he personifies a once impossible dream, but PETER HITCHENS asks who is the man?

Nightmare in Africa: the crisis in Darfur has spread to Chad

Afghanistan is a war we can never win

Wendy: Case sent to fiscal

Second Tory MP caught in Commons staffing row after employing daughter, ex-wife and ex-lover's girl

Husband and wife MPs claim expenses to dodge death tax


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